Prayer for My Man on His Birthday

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Prayer for My Man on His Birthday

Scriptures say that God orders the righteous man’s steps and guides him from stumbling on the path.

Lord, You are well aware of the paths that brought us to this relationship, and You orchestrated our union. You have known and watched us grow and blossom in love and friendship.

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We had faced many hard times and rocky moments when it seemed we would crash. Yet, You preserved us and helped us grow towards You and each other. My man is a year older today, and I am happy he is growing in You.

Thank You for his life and all that You have helped in achieving. You have set him on a platform and allowed him to shine through You to the world.

You have elevated him to sit with kings and not mere men and have set him as a crown upon my head.

Lord, I marvel at Your great works in his life. Who is he that You are so mindful of him?

You have blessed him and greatly increased him through the years. Lord, thank You for making him a living wonder among the nations of the earth.

Dear Jesus, as he adds another year to his age, I ask that You show him more of You. Lord, I ask that You will cause him to make wiser decisions in this new phase of life.

Help him to walk with You through this season and carry him when he is too weary to tread in purpose.

Dear Father, I ask that You bless him greatly, far beyond the comprehension of humans.

Make him a terror to those who oppose You. I ask that Your mercy speaks for him in the presence of the right men.

Dear God, I pray that You preserve him from wicked and unreasonable men as he walks with You.

Lead him on paths when the pasture is green, and the water is still. Lord, cause him to prosper in every way and make him lead in all things.

I ask that You increase his love for You and those around him. Help him never to forget that all that he is and will ever be, comes from You.

So, keep him near the cross. I pray that he never gets to the point where he tires of leaning on You for strength.

Lord, he can do nothing without You, so help him abide in You.

Dear God, I pray that You protect him from the curse of sin. Keep him away from anything that will draw his heart away from You and entangle him with worldly passion.

I ask that he looks only at You for rest and peace. Lord, I pray that nothing dies in his hands and nothing fails around him.

I ask that You make his hands uniquely skilled for battle and work. I pray that beyond all that he is and has, he places You at the center of his heart.

I ask that his love for You becomes as essential to him as the breath in his nostrils. Lord, bless him with Yourself. That is the highest gift anyone can have.

I pray all these in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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