Prayer for My Sister Going Through Hard Times

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Prayer for My Sister Going through Hard Times

Dear Heavenly Father, You have made all things by Your hands with great care and infinite wisdom.

As such, everything created in Your glory is nothing short of perfect. I see all Your creatures and marvel at the details of Your work.

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Everything You do is exquisite and precise. Therefore, I know that You do not make errors. All You have done is perfect and good.

Lord, I am thankful for the life that You have bestowed on my family and me. You have surrounded me with love and goodness.

I thank You for all that You have taught me in my life’s journey, and my life is full of countless acts of Your mercy.

I have seen enough of Your actions to know that You are gracious to us even when we are passing through trying times.

Therefore, my fears and worries are calmed when I see my sister endure these times.

I have witnessed her survive this season of pain, and my heart is sad for her. Sometimes, it seems as though the trials will break her.

She has suffered fear and discouragement. Lord, I am petrified and afraid.

Yet, I hand her to You this season for comfort and grace. Remind her that she is not alone and that You will never lead or forsake her.

I ask that You whisper words of comfort in her darkest moments and let her bask in the warmth of Your presence.

When she walks through the fiercest storms, I pray that You will be the eye of the storm when she finds her calm and rest.

I ask that You preserve her from wicked and evil thoughts in this season.

Lord, in mercy, I pray that You will give her grace and strength to scale through this period.

No matter how long it lasts, help her trust in You with all her heart. Dear Jesus, I ask that in this season, You fill her heart and mouth with gratitude and praise instead of whining and complaining.

I pray that You keep her from entertaining doubt, worry and fear.

Lord, feed her with the right mind state and keep her from the rebellion that comes with doubt.

Lord, when her strength is little and frail, guide her to the right company. When the time is right, Lord, bring her whole and unscathed from this season.

Show her repeatedly that Your love for her is immeasurable and complete.

Lord, it is only human to feel tired and frail when hard times overwhelm her. I pray that You remind her at such times that You are the Good Shepherd that guides Your sheep through the darkest part and leads them to safety.

Remind her that You would rather lay down Your life for her than see her perish or go astray. Let her feel a full dose of Your love and care for her.

Thank You for all that is to us. We love You, Jesus. Help us trust You with all of our hearts. Amen.

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