Prayer For My Son’s Marriage

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for the gifts and benefits that You have beautified me with. I am in awe of Your great love and compassion for me, and I daily realize that You hold nothing back when it comes to taking care of me.

I thank You for the gift of life, love, and family. You have crowned me with fruitfulness and joy. I thank You for every opportunity that comes to me as I journey through the earth. You have blessed me with platforms to show forth Your light through my daily conversations and actions as I interact with friends, family, and everyone around me.

Prayer For My Son's Marriage

Lord, I am thankful for the privilege of having children and seeing them grow to maturity. I thank Lord for their homes, and I thank You, especially for my son and his family.

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Dear Father, marriage was Your idea, and we can only look to You to guide us through the journey of living right and doing good by our spouse.

Therefore, Lord, I hand over my son’s marriage to You; I ask that You will step in and turn this home back on course. Dear Lord, You calm storms, heal broken hearts and give solace to the weary. I pray that You take the course of this marriage and steer it back to the calm seas.

I can see that they are both trying so hard to fix each other, and they are weary from trying to hold up this marriage. Dear God, my heart bleeds as I see them struggling under the weight of a crumbling marriage.

I hear them fight each other and tear themselves down. I realize that the real enemy is hiding in the rear and inciting hate and anger in this home.

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Father, I ask that You open their eyes to see that the weapon of their warfare is not carnal, and this battle is not against one of them but against the very foundation of their marriage.

Lord, I ask that You work on their hearts and heal everything that is broken. I ask that You help them to experience the true freedom, which Your salvation has brought to us, and You teach them to grow in Your love.

I ask that my son learn to love his wife as Christ loves the church and that he becomes more patient and understanding of his wife. I pray for his wife that You teach her to be wise and gentle in speech and action, respecting and valuing her husband as the church honors Christ.

Lord, I pray that You help them to love You better, and I ask that the Holy Spirit ministers to them become more like You. I pray that You will restore life to this marriage and help them to produce the fruit that comes from being children of God. Lord, I ask that this phase binds them together in unity and strength and that even when the wind rages and the storms blow, they will anchor their marriage on Christ, who is the solid rock.

I ask that this experience becomes a testimony of how they overcame, and I pray that You bring many to the knowledge of Jesus through this family. Amen.

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