Prayer For My Wedding Day

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Heavenly Father, it is my big day, and You have led me through many journeys and brought me to this time. Many times, I thought that this day would never come, and I made many wrong decisions along the way.

I experienced several down moments, and I thought that You did not have marriage in the books for me.

Now, I realize that You orchestrated each moment, and You had good and precious thoughts for me as You led me on my journey through singlehood. I learned on the journey to trust You with all my heart and to listen to You even when I did not understand or agree with Your leading.

And Father, I never have a cause to regret following You.

Lord, in all the excitement and love that this day brings, I want You to be the center of my wedding today. I pray that no one gets the glory, and everyone that attends today’s wedding goes back home with a new zeal for worship.

Prayer For My Wedding Day

Lord, I pray that all the activities that surround the wedding will go smoothly and without hitches. I pray for everyone that will have a function. I ask that You will lead them to do only the right things.

Lord, I pray for my fiancé; I pray that You will give him wisdom and grace in the matters of the day. I ask that You will help us to deal graciously with everyone that will attend the ceremony today. I ask that as two families become one today, You will bind us in unity and oneness. I pray that all goes well today for us.

I ask that even as we prepare to live for the rest of our lives as husband and wife, we will start this journey in the right place. I pray that You will be the foundation of this marriage, and we will build on Christ, who is the Solid Rock.

Lord, I pray that You will help us to put You first in all things, and You will help us to honor and respect one another in this marriage.

I ask that in the joyful seasons, You will help us to remember to praise You with all of our hearts and ascribe all glory to You. And in the seasons that are so dark that we feel ourselves slipping into fear of the unknown, I pray that You will give us the strength to trust in You to pull us through.

Lord, help us to run to You on dark days and seal us from the lies of the evil one.

I pray that in every season of this marriage, You will help us to show forth the light of Christ to those around us, and I ask that You will keep teaching us in all seasons of our lives.

And Lord, I pray this day for those that are having difficult times in their marriage; I ask that You will help and comfort them in this season. Dispel darkness and discouragement from them, and make them happy again. Amen.

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