Prayer for Narcissistic Mother

Prayer for Narcissistic Mother

Dear Heavenly Father, I am thankful that You made me in Your image and after Your likeness.

You have taught me through Your word that You are good and kind, and there is no shadow of turning with You. I have read that although man sinned, You never gave up on us and kept running after us.

You gave me the most precious thing You had for our ransom, and now I can boldly call You Father and friend.

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I also know that all You do is good and perfect, yet sometimes it is hard to see the good in people. The Scriptures describe a mother as someone who nurtures and protects her children, keeping them far from harm’s way.

But it seems my mum delights in throwing me under the bus. She is wicked in her actions, vindictive, and a narcissist. Loving a stranger who did not scar and mar Your childhood memories is relatively easy.

I have suffered pain and unfairness from my mother’s actions, and I do not know how to love her. My thoughts of her are born out of childhood pains, and they are those of pure hatred and malice, yet, You remind me to love.

Lord, I confess today that I cannot love my narcissistic mum unless You help me. So, I come to You today for grace.

I know that humans are often the product of what they have gone through, and she may have also suffered pain in her earlier years.

So, Lord, help her heal from the pain and hate that she has so ingrained in her heart.

Cause her to turn to You – the balm of Gilead to mend her open and desperate heart.

Surround her with Your love and cause her to see herself as You see her in Christ Jesus. Teach her that You have loved her with an everlasting love; nothing she has done will make You love her any less.

Lord, I pray that You will soften her heart towards You and help her get the right help. I ask that You will quench the flames of self-hate that radiate from her and cause her to let go of all that has kept her in bondage.

Dear Lord, she needs self-preservation, which keeps her from loving those caring about her. I ask that You bring her into companies that will love her without holding back and teach her God–Love.

Dear Jesus, my heart is bruised and battered, and when I think of my mum, all I feel is anger.

Please help me heal and grow out of these feelings. I pray that You will give me a genuine love for my mum and help me show her how much You love her.

I ask that You will help my heart and heal the scars. I also pray that You will replace the pain with a burning desire to show people Your love without reservation.

I am grateful that I can be honest with You. Thank You for being my Father and my Friend. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Prayer for Narcissistic Mother”

  1. Thank you for sharing this prayer. I’m a new Christian and I didn’t know how to pray about my mom when I’m the bible said they are nurturing and caring. I am grateful for your blog post. This prayer has calmed me so much.

  2. Thank you for this prayer. My mother is a narcissist and has hurt me to my very core. She has a very inappropriate relationship with my brother, and has allowed him to kick me out of her home for telling her not to let him abuse her. We are in our 40s. If I try to tell her how she’s hurt me she will yell and walk away or block me…she will not hear it all. I pray that God helps me forgive someone who doesn’t even care they hurt me.

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