Prayer for Patience and Peace

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Prayer for Patience and Peace

Great Creator of the universe, I am blessed to know You as my God and Father. Your greatness cannot be disputed. Your love cannot be overemphasized. You are simply majestic in all Your ways, and all You’ve done is perfect.

Father, I praise You for the sun, moon, stars, all the constellations, and galaxies.

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The birds of the air sing Your praise, and the works of Your hands are incredibly intricate and interconnected.

Everything I see and can’t see tells a story of Your immeasurable love. But what fascinates me above all is Your attention to detail.

When I consider the heavens and the earth, time and space, humanity and animals, I wonder how long it took You to put it all together.

You are, without a doubt, the most patient being, and nothing can make You anxious.

Father, in this, I want to be like You. Through trials and pains, I want to be peaceful, patient, and confident. I don’t want to be anxious, worried, angry, or depressed. Lord, I want to be like You.

When You died for me on the cross, the scriptures say You were like a lamb that was so peaceful – You didn’t argue, complain, or whine. No. You took it all for me, went to the cross at calvary, and gave it all up because You love me.

Gracious Lord, I want this kind of patience and peace – a kind that allows me to go all out with my service and sacrifice to You.

So, Father God, furnish my heart with the fullness of Your nature, allowing me to be like You in every way.

I know that when I am patient and peaceful, I will be able to enjoy more of Your presence and blessing.

God, You have always been there for me, placing me on the pedestal of Your love and attention to bless me.

So I am grateful that You have heard my heart’s desire today and will do Your will in my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

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