Prayer for Patience and Strength

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Prayer for Patience and Strength

Heavenly Father, I am thankful for all You have shown me in my walk with You.

You have been a patient and loving teacher, gently correcting my flaws and putting my foot back on track when I lost my way. 

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Countless times, I have doubted Your route and tuned out Your voice. Yet, You did not cast me away but proved that I could trust You.

Lord, You have been faithful to Your promises over me, and I realize that You always come through for me.

Lord, in times like this, my frail and human mind still doubts Your promises. I confess that I am weak, and sometimes, my trust in You falters.

So, I come to You in humble submission. I ask for patience and strength as I wait for Your plans to come to light in my life. 

I ask that You fix my gaze on You and remove all the distractions that easily cloud Your voice. I pray that You take away the perplexing thoughts of failure from me and give me peace and rest.

Lord, in the days when Your promises look too big for me, give me strength to hold on to Your changeless ways.

Dear Jesus, help me remember that You promised that if I believe, I will do more than You did when You walked the earth.

I ask that Your presence dispels every shadow of a doubt that beclouds my mind and causes me to stumble. 

Dear Jesus, I ask that You help me to use everything I have learned from this period to minister patience and strength to others in their waiting.

Lord, I pray that You help me to be genuine in my love and prayer for those that are fainting and in need of encouragement.

I ask that my life teaches others to wait on You. Lord, make my life proof that You always come through on Your Word. Amen.

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