Prayer for Patience and Understanding

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Prayer for Patience and Understanding

Lord Jesus, I often wonder how it is that You walked this earth in all righteousness. You were pure and saintly, without sin.

Even when the priests and teachers of the law were against You, You answered them with wisdom and grace. 

I never read that You were impatient or hostile to those You had come to save. So, when You say that I must live at peace with all men, I know You have set a standard for me. But Lord, it is hard to fit in those shoes.

Men have become perverse and mean. Evil prevails everywhere, and those around me are haters of peace.

Sometimes, I catch myself being hateful and disgruntled. So dear Jesus, I realize that I lack what it takes to be patient and understanding. 

I have come to You for help. Lord, I am weak in myself, but I know that the Holy Spirit turns my weakness into strength.

I ask that You give me a heart like Yours that loves without boundaries, rules, and expectations.

I ask that You teach me how to be patient and understanding with my family, friends, coworkers, and strangers I will meet today and always. Lord, help me extend grace to those that are rude or downright annoying. 

I ask that You help me love them as You would and remind me that Your grace covers all people.

When things do not go my way, and I am on my way to getting mad, remind me that Your plans are perfect for me. 

Lord, I ask that You help me show genuine concern and understanding for those a little broken.

Show me ways to love the unlovable and preach Your unending grace for people through my conduct. 

Dear Jesus, I ask that You keep grooming me to extend patience and understanding to everyone around me because You did it first for me. Thank You, Jesus, for Your endless patience for me. Amen. 

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