Prayer for Patience While Waiting

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Prayer for Patience While Waiting

Father in heaven, thank You for Your love for me. I am grateful for Your presence and impact on my life.

You’ve always been good to me. Also, You’ve given me all these gifts and abilities that I am most grateful for.

Still, living in this fallen world comes with challenges and trials that You are very well aware of. And coping with them can be nerve-racking sometimes. But I know You are always with me.

Lord God, I wait on You with all my questions and the desires of my heart. Although I get anxious many times, I am very aware that Your nature of peace and patience will get me through every situation.

Father, I have brought before You my requests and petitions in times past, and I know that You have heard me.

Your word says that even before I ask for anything, You already know the longings of my heart. Your word says that You have prepared the answers to all prayers before they are prayed.

But waiting for the manifestations of Your answers has not been easy.

Staying firm in the faith and not wavering has been challenging. So, here I am again with yet another request because I know You care about what I’m going through.

Lord, help me to be patient while I wait on You. Teach me to have more vital trust and confidence in Your timing. Please remind me that You are never late to deliver and always on time.

God of my salvation, strengthen my heart with the bands of patience and endurance. Please, cause me to walk in joy and peace while waiting for the fullness of time.

And I am well aware that all You do is perfect. But, King of glory, it is the best policy for people to trust in You.

So thank You for hearing me in all my tribulations and temptations; I pray in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

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