Prayer For Peace In Marriage

Lord Jesus, I thank You for walking through the earth and doing good wherever You went. You have taught us to live quiet and godly Christian lives as we walk our journey through the earth. You have taught us to be joyful and helpful, even when we face dark and terrible times.

Prayer For Peace In Marriage

Thank You, Jesus, for setting the perfect example for us in all things.

Lord, I bless You for the gift of my marriage and the blessings that You have brought to me through this union.

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I am thankful because I know that every good and perfect gift comes from You, and this is no exception to the rule. And so, whatever comes my way and whatever season I may have to face within this marriage, I am thankful that I have You to lead me through the journey.

Lord, You have chosen my spouse for me, and I thank You for leading me daily through my choices and decisions. I thank You for his strength and love that have supported me through this marriage, and I thank You for this season of our marriage.

Lord, I pray that You give us both the mind of Christ as we continue in this marriage journey. Lord, I ask that You will help us to prefer the other above ourselves and put their needs before us. I ask that You will take away our tendencies to be selfish and proud in this journey and help us to serve each other in love.

Dear Lord, I pray that Your peace permeates our hearts as we journey in marriage. Let us see You as the centerpiece and the most important part of this marriage. I pray that when the devil comes to whisper thoughts of bitterness, strife, and anger, You help us to recall that his native language is lies, and he is the father of all liars.

Heavenly Father, I ask that You will open our eyes to all the causes of conflict and anger within our marriage and bring us to a place of peace and hope in You. Lord, I pray that You will help us to be humble enough to understand each other and help us to work on ourselves to become better partners and caregivers in this marriage.

Lord, I know that no one can give peace as You can, and I ask that You will help us to look unto You as our peace giver. I pray that we will not set our gaze on worldly goods in search of peace and happiness but that in our daily walk with You, we learn to trust solely in You.

I ask for peace in every home where there is chaos, and I pray that You will turn hearts back to You. Dear Father, I pray that You will take Your rightful place in marriages and families, and You will open the eyes of Your children to the devil’s lies and deceit.

Help us to understand that peace stems from having a personal relationship with You as the ultimate peace giver. Amen.

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