Prayer for Prodigal Youth

Let the prodigal youth come back home, Father. Let the prodigals come back to you. Oh, let them return from their wayward ways to the path of righteousness that will give you praise. Let them arise from dining with scorners and perverts. Let them return from feeding the pigs. Oh, God of heavens, cause the ones who have run away to return and give glory and honor to you.

The ways of this world appear attractive and promising. But expose the truth to the wasteful and ignorant youths to deliver them from the morbidity of foolishness. Open the eyes of these extravagant ones who prefer the external things to those of the internal, who lack wisdom and sound judgment.

Cause them to see the futility of their ways before it is too late to repent. As said in Proverbs, there is a way that seems right to a person, but the end is destruction.

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God of Light, give these prodigal youths foresight, that they might understand results and consequences so that they will choose their paths wisely. Please bring them to the place of your instructions and teachings that their hearts and minds would be trained in sound knowledge, being able to discern good and evil. And let discipline become their desire so that they’d refrain from evil and lust.

Prayer for Prodigal Youth

I pray, oh LORD, that their eyes will behold your beauty so much that they will despise the fleeting pleasures of this present world and desire only you. Cause them to return to their decent roots and uphold righteous morals in all their endeavor. And feed them, Loving Father, from your table so that they will never desire the things of this evil world again.

Captivate them by your mighty power and make loyal sons and daughters out of them, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

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