Prayer for Sister’s Husband

God of heaven and earth, Your glory abides forever. Your name is a strong tower the righteous run into and finds security. You are the Almighty God and the father of those that trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

I am grateful to be a believer; being named among Your children is a rare privilege. Millions of people looked forward to the coming of the Savior but missed out because it wasn’t to be in their time. However, here I am in such an auspicious moment in history. Lord, to say I am privileged to be fathered by You is an understatement.

Father, thank You for my dear sister and her family. You have created her in Christ and have given her Your new and eternal life. I am so grateful to be connected to her through Christ. Being around her and having her companionship has been a true blessing straight from Your hands. So I want her to be blessed in every way, starting with her household.

Lord God, thank You for my sister and her husband. Father, her union to her husband is Your will, and it will not be shaken. Please, bring him into a deep understanding of who You are and give him the wisdom necessary to be the head of the home. Let my dear sister find him more and more reliable, wise, and loving. 

Father God, keep my sister’s husband from evil. Keep him from the company of vile men without regard for You, the Living and True God. Please, set his feet on the right path and keep him focused on bringing You glory.

Many men have no direction, Lord. Most men are confused and afraid, uncertain of what tomorrow will bring. God, keep my sister’s husband’s heart steady in Your wisdom and peace. Show him the great rest You have prepared for all who trust in Your name.

Please, give him the knowledge he requires to face tomorrow despite the challenges.

Father of fathers, help my sister’s husband become to best father he can be. Give him all the tools he needs to raise their children in Your holy way. Grant him the understanding of what his kids need every new season.

Above all, Father, keep my sister’s husband in a close relationship with You. Show him that You love him despite his flaws and insecurities. And let the relationship he fosters with You overflow to love and responsibility to his family and community.

Dear God, let my dear sister’s relationship with her husband blossom and yield distinct fruits of joy, security, wealth, and holiness. And make her a better helper to him in all his reasonable endeavors. 

Wherever she has uncertainties, settle her heart and cause her to experience peace. Give her wisdom on good behavior and speaking so that her husband clings to her in everything.

Lord, grant them synergy in their lives, in all their secret and private matters. Let every little detail be fine-tuned to perfection. And let her husband greatly delight in her such that there is no reason for him to even think of another.

Lord God, I am grateful You answer the righteous desires of the heart of Your children. Thank You for hearing me in the name of Jesus Christ.


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