Prayer for Sleep

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Prayer for Sleep

Lord, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. You know my every thought, and you know how each day of my life will turn out.

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Thank you for creating sleep as a way of rest for mankind. I ask that you help me sleep soundly every night.

I am having challenges falling asleep, and I come to you for help. You are an ever-present help in times of need. 

I will lie down and sleep and wake up again tomorrow because you sustain me (Psalm 3:5).

Give my body rest as I close my eyes to sleep, knowing that you will wake me up in the morning.

My mind is exhausted every night, and I ask that you give it rest.

Remind me to think about pure and praiseworthy thoughts as I wind down and get ready to sleep. 

Fill my heart and mind with your peace as I sleep because you are the one who makes me dwell in safety (Psalm 4:8).

I give you my anxious thoughts and cast my cares upon you. Help me unburden myself before I go to bed so that I will not worry about anything.

Instead of worrying, remind me to always bring my concerns to you before I sleep so that they won’t make me lose sleep at night. 

May I remember that you never sleep or slumber, and I don’t need to fear anything as I sleep every night (Psalm 121:4).

You always watch over me, and I can trust in your protection when I am awake or asleep.

Help me rest in your mighty arms because you are my refuge and hiding place.

No harm can come upon me because you are my protector. I declare that I will not fear the terrors of the night (Psalm 91:5).

You give your beloved sleep, and I ask for a good night’s sleep every night, whether in good or challenging times.

Help me establish a sleeping routine that my body can get used to so that I’ll have no trouble falling asleep.

May I have a restful night and wake up refreshed every morning ready to face the day with zeal.

Bless me with sweet sleep at night and an alert mind in the morning. 

Deliver me from the fears that make me not sleep well at night. You have not given me a spirit of fear but one of power, love, and self-discipline.

Let your unfailing and perfect love cast out the fear in my heart. I will bring my fears and anxieties to you before I turn in. 

Remind me to pray every night before I sleep and leave all my cares in your hands.

Where I have insomnia, heal me and deliver me from sleeplessness.

I thank you because I know you have heard my prayer and will answer me.

You are a God who keeps his word and answers prayers in line with your will. 

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

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