Prayer For Someone Feeling Hopeless

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Word Of Encouragement

Do you feel as if there’s nothing to look forward to? It’s as if something came along and sucked every ounce of joy and passion right out of your spirit. It’s a crippling thing to experience. 

Our hope can go from bright and strong to a mere flicker if we place that hope in things other than God.

Hope may be founded for many on someone or something to fulfill their physical and emotional needs. It could be someone you love, your job, a doctor, the police, etc. 

When we place our hope in something or someone other than God, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment, heartbreak, and loss of hope we had (Col. 2:8.)

Only He can carry us through the storms of life to the other side. Nothing else can.

Whether you are facing a terminal illness, loss of a loved one, a broken heart, trauma, loss of a job, etc. you CAN find hope.

That hope lies in the loving hands of God that He has patiently extended towards you waiting for you to ask for. 

If you don’t know Christ as your personal savior and feeling hopelessness, you can find redeeming hope through Him!

Jesus freely gives hope to those who ask Him for forgiveness of their sins trusting Him to give them eternal life through his death on the cross (John 11:25-26.)

Prayer For Someone Feeling Hopeless

Dear God of all hope,

I come before thee to ask for your forgiveness for not walking in faith and trusting you.

I fell to the weakness of sin by trusting someone else and worldly things to find both hope and joy.

I know that neither man, beast, or thing can satisfy and feed my soul, nor will they carry me through the storms of life. Only you can do that, Lord.

My heart feels void of hope right now, Lord, and I need you to reach down and grab my hand to pull me up from this pit of despair.

Restore my joy and help me to feel the passion for living yet again. Help me to find purpose by using me, Father.

I trust in you completely and give myself to you. 

Give me wisdom to fully see that which I have falsely placed my hope in. May my eyes and heart be focused on you for my needs. 

Father, I acknowledge that I have sinned and that I can have eternal life through your Son, who died on the cross for me.

Give me abundant hope, and may my cup runneth over with joy. May my heart beat only for you as I serve you through the remaining days of my life.

Thank you for being the loving God that you are and for patiently waiting on me when I fall away from you.

I trust in you for my today and tomorrow and with every circumstance and situation that may come up in my life.

I pray in Jesus’ name - amen.

Prayer for Someone Feeling Hopelessness

Father God, right now I feel so hopeless. Everything in my life is going wrong, and I’m not sure if things will ever change for me.

I keep trying to find the silver lining, but it is nowhere to be found. Happiness seems so far away. But Jesus, I know that you are with me.

You are the only one I cling to in times of trouble. You are my hope, the light in all this darkness.

Because of you, I have a joy that transcends my circumstances.

Because of you, I have eternal life. I know that even if I suffer in this life, I have a promise of life forever with you in heaven.

So help me to remember all of your promises toward me. You are faithful, and you will not let me out of your loving care.

Give me the endurance to bear my burdens joyfully, knowing that they build my faith in you.

Let my positive attitude be a testimony to your great power in my life. I don’t know what the outcome of this situation will be, but I pray that I will come out of it stronger and with a better understanding of your love for me.

Don’t ever let me lose heart or despair; with you, I have everything I need.

And above all, help me to keep looking forward to eternity, when all this pain will be wiped from the face of the earth.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.


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2 thoughts on “Prayer For Someone Feeling Hopeless”

  1. I need prayers for financial freedom. I am about to lose my house and not sure of where the next job will come from. I need you now LORD.

    1. Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly lift up this beloved child of Yours who seeks financial freedom. Provide a secure dwelling and a new job, according to Your promise in Philippians 4:19.

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