Prayer for Someone in a Car Accident

Father, I thank You for the access You gave us to Your throne of mercy. Thank You for the assurance that we will receive whatever we ask in faith. Therefore, we bless Your name, for we have received the answers of that which we ask of You.

Prayer for Someone in a Car Accident

Dear Lord, we want to thank You for sparing the life of our brother or sister involved in a car accident. Thank You, Lord, that we are not morning the death of this dear one. In everything, we give You thanks, for this is Your desire for us in Christ Jesus.

Thank You, Father, for the mental health of this individual. And, if there is any trauma or fear in mind, Holy Spirit, we ask that You bring comfort to that troubling heart. Teach this dear one not to fear, for You Lord have not given us the Spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. We are grateful for the restoration of peace and calm to that anxious heart.

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Lord, we ask for healing for that someone who is badly hurt and currently in great pain. We know, Lord, that You are capable of healing, for Isaiah 53:4-5 says so.

In the second book of Kings, chapter 6, Lord, we see in Your word that heavy metal can stay afloat while a nearly weightless material sinks. Due to this assurance, we ask that this individual rise above this car accident like the ax head. Also, we ask that they come out of this situation with their faith strengthened.

For without faith, it is impossible to please You, and the just shall live by faith. Help them to acknowledge You as their Deliverer, for You deliver the righteous out of many afflictions.

Father, we know You are not tired of listening to our requests, for You have said we should ask and we will receive. Knock, and the door will open to us. Seek, and we shall find. Therefore, we ask that You supply all the needs of this accident victim.

We ask for replenishment of whatever valuables that might be in the car accident. Also, let there be a restoration of opportunities lost due to this incident.

For those in the hospital who do not have the means to pay the bills, Lord, we ask that You step in. Just like You made provision from the mouth of a fish, we ask for provision for the payment of the hospital bills.

Lord, in everything You command that we give You praise. So, we thank You for the preservation of life. We thank You for the healing power available in Your blood.

Abba Father, help this accident victim to learn to acknowledge You in all his or her steps. Help the heart of this individual to put You first in his or her plans. Holy Spirit, we ask that You direct their paths, for Your ways are righteous, peaceful, and joyful. From the moment they wake up till they close their eyes to sleep at night.

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