Prayer for Someone Undergoing Surgery

Prayer for Someone Undergoing Surgery fb

Lord, thank you for the life of [Person’s name] who is undergoing surgery. Work your healing power through the surgeon’s hands.

The surgeon may operate, but you are the one who heals. May the surgery be a success and may the glory be yours forever.  

Surgery is a delicate operation and I ask that you guide the surgeon’s hands through every body part they will operate.

Grant your wisdom to the surgeon and team as they operate on [Person’s name] and restore the damage in their body.

As they do their best in the operating room, I ask that you will go beyond what they can’t do and heal the patient’s body.

Provide everything the doctors will need for the surgery and help the surgeon know how to handle any emergency situation.

If they require additional help in the operating room, please provide it in advance.

I declare your healing word over [Person’s name] because your word has the power to heal any disease (Psalm 107:20).

By the stripes of Christ, they were healed and I claim that healing now for every part of their body.

The surgery will be a success and we praise you as the God who heals.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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