Prayer for Someone with Colon Cancer

Words of Encouragement for Someone with Colon Cancer

Cancer does not have to be a death sentence, and especially colon cancer in your case.

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The nature of a terminal disease can be scary because it has no cure.

However, you need not fear because we have One whose name is greater than cancer – Jesus Christ.

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His death on the cross purchased healing for you.

Claim it.

Having to bear constant pain because of colon cancer can discourage you.

God said you can pray to him with all sorts of prayers and requests. You can ask him to take away your pain.

Ask others to join you in prayer because a prayer offered in faith will make you well according to James 5:15.

Encourage yourself with the word of God and stand on healing Scriptures till you see your healing appear in the physical.

Praise God now because you know he has already healed you. Put your trust in him.

Prayer for Someone with Colon Cancer  

Lord, you are the creator of my body and every part of it, including my colon.

Right now I am battling with colon cancer and it is interfering with the digestion of the food I eat.

Heal me of this debilitating disease and restore health to me.

Grant me relief from the pain and discomfort I experience every day.

May your healing power flow through my colon and take away the cancer that has afflicted it.

You say that you have not brought this disease upon me because you are the God that heals me (Exodus 15:26).

I will remind myself that you are always there with me even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

I have the Spirit of life in me and therefore I will live and not die.

May your Holy Spirit give life to my mortal body and especially my colon.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Prayer for Someone with Colon Cancer”

  1. I had breast cancer in 2018 & 4 axillaryymph nodes removed under right arm. In 2019 I fell @ work & fractured my left ulna & radial bone, in my wrist. I had carpal tunnel release In Feb on the same hand this past Feb. I am having stomach or small bowel issues . I have bleeding & have difficuty with my bowels moving. When my bowels move I have red blood in stool. Please pray that I don’t have cancer of the small intestine & my bowels will function normal again. I trust & believe Jesus will heal.

    1. Blessings Linda,

      We are lifting you up in our prayers. We pray that God may comfort you in these trying times. We pray that the Lord guides each and every doctor you are seeing and that they may find the solution to your issues by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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