Prayer For Someone With Kidney Failure

Prayer For Someone With Kidney Failure

Lord Jesus, you know how devastating illness can be.

You were well acquainted with grief and sorrow during your time here on this earth.

You stood outside the grave of Lazarus, and you wept with all those who loved him. And so, we know that you share in our sadness upon hearing the terrible news of kidney failure.

Kidney failure is such a serious affliction, and for many people, it marks the beginning of the end.

So Lord, be present in this situation. Help us to feel your comforting hand upon us.

We pray and wish so desperately that you would reverse the kidney failure and heal our dear friend. You are surely able to do so if that is your will.

Miracles happen every day, and we would never want to minimize the magnitude of your power.

But in anticipation of the likelier outcome, prepare our hearts and minds for the weight of this loss. Fill us with peace, and help us to put all of our energy into providing our love and support.

Make our loved ones as comfortable and pain-free as possible during this last stretch.

Surround your child with the knowledge of your gospel, the promise of eternal life for those who put their trust in you.

This situation is upsetting, but we believe that you are sovereign over all things.

Through this, may we be reminded that life is a precious gift from you.

It is in Jesus’ name that we pray.


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