Prayer For Strength In My Marriage

Prayer For Strength In My Marriage

Dear Lord, I am glad that You knew me before my birth, and You have mapped out my purpose in Your plan for my life.

I have learned through scripture that everything You do is intentional and tallies with Your ultimate plan for every person that walks through the earth.

You have given me eternal life, and You adopted me into the family to become a co-heir with Christ.

You did not spare Your Son, but You gave Him up just to save me. I see that Your love does not have a quantifier or measure. You have shown me, indescribable love.

You have given me all that I need for life and godliness through the knowledge I have of my identity in You and Your love for me.

You have shown me that it is Your will that I prosper in all things, even as my soul prospers in You.

I know that You have given me the strength to do all things in Christ Jesus.

This includes the strength to live victoriously in my marriage as I excel in all phases and seasons of my life.

Lord, I feel weary and tired as I think about my marriage, and because You are my Father, I have come in my weak state to draw strength to keep me going in this marriage.

Father, I have come for comfort and grace; I have come to rest at the arms of my Lord and Guide.

Lord, You have led me in each season of this marriage, and You have given me strength for each phase, and I know that this time will not be any different.

I pray that You give me strength for this phase of my marriage and strength to abide in Your Word and promises for this marriage.

I pray for my husband; I pray that You help me not to give in to the devil’s lies and frequent thoughts of discouragement.

Lord, I know that it may not seem rosy at present, but I pray that You will give us the grace to strengthen one another in love.

I pray that You will help us not to look at each other as the enemy but to join forces and fight through this season.

I pray, Lord, that even in this period, You will strengthen us for the journey ahead of us and help us to learn at Your feet.

Lord, I ask that we become a beacon of strength and hope for as many homes that have lost the will to fight through difficult times, and You will make us an example for the saints.

Lord, our strength is in You alone, and we know that You will never leave nor forsake us, and so even when we are weak and face the threats of giving up, we will yet trust in You.

I thank You for the strength that is coming into my marriage, and I bless You for replacing all that we have lost to weariness.

I am thankful for the fresh willingness to continue imitating Christ in submission and love in this marriage, and I am thankful for the great things that You will do through my home. Amen.


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