Prayer For Students

Heavenly Father, our prayer today is for those students who are starting a new year at school.

We thank You that You designed the human mind and heart with a hunger for learning and a desire for new experiences and relationships

We praise You as we acknowledge that every student, every person is fearfully and wonderfully made and endowed by you with an ability to grow and develop new skills, new attitudes, and disciplines each day.

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Father, we pray that You might help our children develop a hunger for the things of You.

Challenge them to use the abilities you have endowed them with to flourish and thrive so that they might learn the lessons they need.

May they grow in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and man, just as your Son did when He walked this earth.

May our children learn to think like Christ, live like Christ, and give their lives to You just as Jesus did when He grew from a child to a man.

Holy God, we know that learning can be a struggle at times. There are so many pressures that our students face, and at times these obstacles can divert their attention from You.

May You give strength for the tasks that are set before them. We ask that You open their minds to the possibilities of this world, as they make new discoveries, and unravel new mysteries.

May You provide the patience to endure hardship when endurance is needed and the joy to taste victory when they break through to live as overcomers.

Let each student believe at the core who they are, that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.

Father, we pray for the health of each student. Build a hedge of protection around them and keep them safe.

We ask that You guard against illness and provide healing when needed.  

We know that we must leave their welfare in your hands, but we also pray for your wisdom and guidance as we seek to care for and support them each day.

Almighty Father, we realize that school is centered on relationships. We pray that our children will be open to love and acceptance, even as they make new friends.

But we also pray that you might keep them safe from undue influences that would lead to their harm. 

Give them the wisdom from on high to know when to say “No” to the ways of the world. Instead, give them a hunger for the life You desire. 

Finally, Father, we come before you knowing that even as important as grades and schooling are, You love us as we are. 

May each child realize that no matter how they perform on a test, or exam, that they can rest in the knowledge that You love them still. Your Word will still be a lamp to their feet and a light to their path.

Help them realize that You have a plan for their lives, a plan to give them a future and hope. 

Bless our children, we pray. And we will be quick to give you the Glory for all that they are about to become.

In Jesus’ name.


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