Prayer for the Successful Operation of My Father

Prayer for the Successful Operation of My Father

No name in Heaven, on earth, and beneath the earth is greater than Yours, so when we call Your name, we believe in the power that comes with it. This is our confidence that when we pray, You always show up for us.

You have given us authority to cast out devils and lay our hands on the sick, promising they will recover.

This authority helps us blossom, knowing we are strong through Christ. Dear Jesus, with this knowledge, I pray for my dad.

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Lord, he carries Your Spirit and bears the mark of Christ upon him. Even as he goes in for this surgery, I ask that Your presence accompanies him.

Surgeries are scary as the thoughts of being under the knife incite terrible feelings.

Yet, we remember that even when we pass through the shadow of death, Your rod and staff comfort us.

So, when we feel the bile rise in our throats due to fear, we hold firmly to our faith in You. We know that because we live in the secret place of the Most High, we can abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Lord, I have no one else to run to, so I have come to You. My dad has been my strength and support over the years, and now, he is to undergo surgery.

I have chills, and I know that the surgery may fail. Yet, I know that You are the God that makes all things possible.

Therefore, I come to You to strengthen my faith and preside over the procedure.

You have taught the medics about this procedure, so I am confident You will lead them through it.

I pray that You will cause the surgeon’s hands to be steady throughout the surgery. I ask for calm to settle over the theatre.

Lord, I pray that there will be no confusion of any sort and that every member of the surgical team does right.

Dear Jesus, I ask that You work through the men that You have placed on this team, and even when they do not know what to do, You will order their steps.

Lord, please make this procedure a miracle in every way. I pray that the procedure will be speedy and accurate.

I ask for Your peace over my dad as he goes through the procedure. Lord, stay his heart on Your promises and remove all forms of doubt and fear.

Dear Lord, I pray that Your Holy Spirit reminds him of all You are to him. Although he remains stoic, I know he needs Your comfort and love through this period.

I ask that You show Him that You are Jehovah Rapha – The Lord, our healer.

Lord, I also pray for others who are sick or in need of medical intervention that You show up for them and heal them of their diseases.

Speak peace to their minds and help them trust You through this season. Thank You for loving us enough to heal our mortal bodies. Amen.

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