Prayer for the Youth

Prayer for Youth Struggling with Self-worth

Dearest Father, my heart goes out for the young man and woman struggling to identify the greatness that you have placed in them, that they find they are treasured and precious in your sight, and they come to love themselves knowing you love them exceedingly.

The pressures of this world can be very rough. When they are mounted on the tender and impressionable hearts of the youth, these young people can break. Many young people have been told lies about themselves:

“You’re not good enough.”
“You lack talents.”
“You’re not that beautiful.”
“You’re too lazy.”
“You can’t make it with that attitude.”

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Many young ones have listened to such damaging words and conceded to them. But, God, these young people need your word. They need to hear your loving voice. Even as you through Jeremiah said these remarkable words:

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says the Lord, “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.,” even so, let your beautiful words reach them.

Prayer for the Youth

Father, cause them always to remember that they are enough where they are and that you will not leave them there but take them to a higher point, a greater level. Let them know that with you, they are bound to be the best you made them to be – the glory and praise of your name at the end of everything.

Oh, that you would speak to them, Father, and show them a glimpse of their glorious future so their hearts might be encouraged. And bring your delightful people around these youths who need your touch and positive affirmation, so their environment becomes healthy and safe.

Finally, heal their hearts, Jehovah-Rapha, of hurts from their pasts. Oh, heal their broken hearts and fill every void where there was pain or plain nothing. And cause them to rise above their sorrows to find a new day in you.

Thank you for hearing me, Good Father, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

Prayer for Youth in the Mission Field

I lift my heart to you now for your precious youths on the mission field, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that your will be accomplished in and through them in the mightiest way. I desire these exceptional youths with a real passion for your work to be touched exceedingly by your glorious power.

Primarily, Father of Grace, I pray that these unusual youth who have chosen to work for you with their time and resources will first know and understand how to walk with you so that the flesh or carnal lusts will not hinder their work for you on the field. Let these one-of-a-kind young people be full of your presence inside and out so that the localities they reach will experience your glory through them in the most tremendous way.

LORD God, these mission fields can be tricky and challenging, full of trials and temptations. Therefore, Loving God, comfort and encourage your children by your word and your Spirit, and let them be full of the Holy Ghost so that they will triumph at every turn in their mission on the fields. Oh Jehovah-Jireh, allow all their needs to be supplied in every way so they can attend to the needs of the people who need their help.

Cause everything they lay hands on to prosper and let the word of the gospel that goes out their mouths make an impact and touch the very cores of their hearers. Almighty God, work mighty miracles, signs, and wonders through them in every place you lead them to. And let them be yielded and led, oh God, by your amazing Holy Spirit so that nothing is done in carnal wisdom and strength but to the glory of your Holy Son, Jesus.

I bless you now, Gracious Father, for hearing and doing more than I can ask or think in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Youth in Ministry

1 Thessalonians 2:4 Verse

This, oh LORD my God, is my petition for youths in ministry, for young people who champion the cause of the church and extend the influence of the gospel of your love and grace. I open up my heart to cry out to you on their behalf, for they need a special touch from you in these critical days we live in.

First, I ask, my Father, that the relationship of the young minister with you will be strong and grow from strength to strength. It is most crucial that a minister first knows how to minister to you before they turn to minister to the church and the rest of the world.

So, Heavenly Father, let there be such an intimacy between you and your youths in ministry that they will be full and overflowing with your love and your presence such that the world around them will know that they know God. This request is more important than all else.

Even as your word has gone out before them in prophecies, dreams, and visions, LORD, grant them the wisdom and fortitude to put in the work so that everyone will see your word come to pass. Let the grace you have bestowed on them not be in vain. Instead, let them humble themselves before you and manifest the very essence of your will for them. And let them so doing be blessed forever.

Finally, King of kings, keep these young people from evil. The lust and sin in the world seek the precious hearts. Therefore, Righteous One, sanctify your young ministers by your word and your blood so that they stay loyal to the truth in all purity and holiness. Let not one of them be tainted or lost forever.

Thank you, Mighty God, for hearing the supplication of my heart and answering speedily, in Jesus Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for the Youth of the Nations

Oh, LORD God, and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I posture my heart and raise a prayer for the youth of all nations of the Earth – an entreaty that your will would be done in them powerfully and that their generation will impact the Earth with your good desires for us.

Youth is the power of humanity, the peak of zeal and strength, and the pinnacle of understanding. The time of youth is when most human beings You created find their cause and course in this life. Thus, oh, LORD my God, give to all the youth of this generation the fulness of your essence. I pray that every hindrance in the way keeping young people in this world from coming to know and accept You as God be obliterated.

I pray, oh Mighty God that the foolishness of this world that actively claws at the minds of youth will not prevail. I declare that in this generation, oh God, you will find yourself a remnant, a youthful people called by Your holy and wondrous name. Therefore, let every evil that stands against the young people that run to you fall prostrate before them. And let Your mighty desires alone excel in their hearts that Your counsel may be established forever.

My Father in Heaven, I ask that the exceeding strength of the youths of our days be not abused or misused on the frivolities of sinful lusts and violence. Instead, let their enviable vigor be utilized for godly education and service throughout the world. Let there be an explosion of zeal for the righteous endeavor and holy purposes that glorify You and Your Son, Jesus.

Today, I make mention of your servants Joseph, Joshua, David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – men who distinguished themselves as your faithful servants in their youth, standing steadfastly on your word and principles. In addition, I bring to remembrance women like Rebecca, Rahab, ruth, and Esther – young, beautiful women who understood your will and chose to please and serve you over the comforts that could have distracted them. These young people, oh God, are our examples that we may raise a generation of youth that honor and serve you faithfully.

Now I ask that you give the youths of the nations, hearts better and stronger than the wonderful youths of Bible history so your name would be glorified.
Generous LORD, give to all our youths wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of your ways. Oh, how the youths of this generation need your wisdom, LORD! Give to them, I pray, a heart that knows the right thing to do at the right time and a mind that knows how to say no to evil.

Presently, grant the young people of this world your peace so that they will live, work, and prosper on the Earth. And let the youth honor their parents and elders, living in obedience that their lives will be long on the Earth.

These and much more than I can articulate are my heart’s cry for the nations’ young people, LORD. I know that you have heard my supplication and have answered me with grace. So, I praise You, the Great God of Heaven and Earth, in the matchless and holy name of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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