Prayer for Vision and Purpose

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Prayer for Vision and Purpose

Dear Jesus, I am grateful that You have called me out from the crowd and made me part of Your family.

Even before I was born, You knew everything I would ever become. You are mindful of my thoughts and dreams; nothing about me surprises or is strange to You.

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Yet, I know You as an intentional creator who plans for all His children. So, Lord, I come to You for direction, vision, and purpose.

I do not want to live outside of Your plans for my life. I have several burdens, but I would rather walk with Your roadmap for my life than move with mine.

Lord, I do not want to run wild and live through guesses and self-reassurances. I know that my life is worth more than just existence.

So, I have returned to my creator for guidance through my earthly journey. Help me to rest in the awareness that You own me and that my future is secure in Your hands.

Lord, I want to make the right impact on my world. I would rather that men know You through me.

Lord, please point me in the right direction and help me to follow You in humility and obedience. Please reveal the truth of all You will have me do and help me obey You.

Dear Jesus, You made giants from weak and soulless people like Gideon and Joshua. I have seen You make beautiful situations out of forgotten cases like Tamar and Rahab.

Therefore, I know I can be a weapon and a giant in Your hands. I surrender my will, heart, and strength to You. I ask that You mold me into a vision bearer that takes Your name to the ends of the earth.

Lord, even in my pursuit of career and family, please remind me that the Kingdom remains ultimate.

Help me see everything You have given me as an extension of Your Vision here on earth. Lord, I pray that You will provide me with hearing ears and seeing eyes that will spur me toward purpose.

When You lead me through trials and tests like Job, help me stand secure in Your promises and love for me.

Remove all distractions and help me find succor in Your word when I get weary in the path of fulfillment. I pray that You will restore my faith in the dark paths and remind me that You will never leave me when I need light.

When my faith in Your direction fails, I pray that You will raise helpers like Ur and Joshua to lift my hands and encourage my heart.

I ask that You deliver me from wicked and unreasonable men that will crush my vision and guide me beside still waters as I seek to honor You.

Dear Jesus, remind me that even though I might not have the whole picture, You are working the best plans for me.

Help me lean and glean from You at all times. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.

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