Prayer For Wisdom

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Words Of Encouragement

Have you ever had a tough decision to make and not sure what to do? Perhaps you are struggling in some area of your life and need help to overcome and move forward.

Our ability to rationalize, think, understand, and perceive things is limited.

Often, making decisions on our own causes us to depend less on God and more on ourselves.

As believers, we should rely on God for the wisdom to maneuver our way through life, so we stay within His will and not our own.

He sends the Holy Spirit to give us insight and to help us, but ultimately, our free will either listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit or do its own thing.

God is waiting to give you wisdom, and it doesn’t matter how big or small your needs are.

Whether you need guidance for a medical decision, a large purchase, choosing a job, raising children, or a test in school, He is there.

When we are struggling with something, Godly wisdom can point us in the direction to find help or the knowledge and means to find victory over the problem. 

How do you gain wisdom?

The first step in obtaining wisdom is through prayer (Proverbs 9:10.) 

Next, we must saturate ourselves in scripture (Proverbs 2:4.). The Bible is our instruction book for life, and most of us do not rely on it as we should. God speaks to us through His Word.

Regardless of whatever challenge, decision, or struggle you are facing, God will give you the wisdom to do the right thing if you ask.

Prayer For Wisdom #1

Oh, Wisest of wise, Creator of creators, God of gods,

I come to you to humbly ask for your help Lord. Please forgive me for when I rely more on myself than you. Thank you for being patient, forgiving, and loving enough to hear my prayer.

I am facing something that I need wisdom on to be able to make the right decision. This wisdom can only come from you, Lord. 

I pray that you will clear my thinking and my will to do what YOU would want.

I know that I make choices that are made on the reliance of my finite thinking when I should rely on you.

Forgive me for the decisions I have made according to the desires of my flesh. Give me the power to resist making hasty decisions and choices.

Father, place in me a burning passion for digging into your Word and applying it to all areas of my life.

Speak to me through each passage and help me to store it tightly within my heart and mind.

May each scripture brighten the lamp that you guide my path with.

I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus.

Prayer For Wisdom #2

Father God,

Grant me wisdom.

Give me a true understanding of what it means to live for you in every moment.

Teach to me think, say, and do everything that glorifies you and brings me joy.

I don’t want the shallow knowledge that this world pretends to give.

I’m tired of leaning on my own understanding. 

I want your wisdom, so that I can live the way that I meant to live for you. 

In Jesus’ name, 


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