Prayer To Be Set Free From Lies That Control You

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Lord, I praise you because you are almighty and ever powerful. You have given me your word which is the truth.

I confess I have allowed the lies of the enemy to control my mind and cause me torment.

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Prayer To Be Set Free From Lies That Control You fb

They have caused me to have faulty thinking patterns and false beliefs. Set me free from the lies that have controlled my mind for so long.

Deliver me from every lie of the enemy I have believed and acted upon.

Release me from such lies and feed me your truth. I want to be free to think good and positive thoughts that build me up and fill me with joy.

I renounce all feelings of defeat and discouragement I have been carrying all this while.

May you find truth in my innermost being (Psalm 51:10) because I read and meditate on your word day and night.

Father, let your word wash out every lie that I carry in my heart and fill me with your righteousness. I will believe your every word because you are a God who is trustworthy.  

Where lies have controlled me, let your truth take over and be my guiding light.

May your word be a light for my path and a lamp for my feet (Psalm 119:105) that I may not stumble on the lies of the enemy.

Let your light expose the lies hidden in darkness that I cannot discern. Expose the works of the enemy in my life and put him to shame.  

I will abide in Christ with whom grace and truth came.

It is then that I can bear lasting fruit based on your word. I want to always be close to you so I can dwell in your presence where truth prevails.

Give me a truthful heart and keep me from falsehood. I will worship you in Spirit and truth.

Forgive me for when I have believed the lies of others and taken them to be the truth about me.

Their lies will no longer control me.

I will believe what your word says about me because it is the truth.

My identity cannot change because of what others say about me.

They don’t know me like you do. You know every part of my being.

Protect me from the fiery darts of the enemy that come to deposit lies in my heart and mind.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer To Be Set Free From Lies That Control You”

  1. Christie whitaker

    I feel like im being lied to all the time i feel in my soul and spirit that my husband is a lier i need prayers to over come the lies he tels

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