Prayer To Cancel The Evil Plans Of The Enemy

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Prayer is a way to communicate with God. It’s how we communicate with God about what’s on our minds and hearts. Prayer can also be used to request God for things like strength, wisdom, and direction. And, while we are instructed to pray for our enemies, doing so can be difficult.

Prayer To Stop The Enemy’s Evil Plan

Prayer To Cancel The Evil Plans Of The Enemy

When we pray to cancel the enemy’s nefarious scheme, we are asking God to bless them rather than curse them. We are praying to God to help them recognize the folly of their actions and repent.

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We are effectively asking God to transform their hearts and minds about us. And by doing so, we demonstrate Christ’s love to them. So, if you’re having trouble praying for your enemies, keep in mind that you’re effectively asking God to aid them. That is a powerful force.

Prayer To Destroy Evil Actions


I love You with all of my heart, Heavenly Father. I thank You for being the God who sees me. You are aware of my every thinking and anticipate my every need. I thank You for being a nice, good Father.

Thank You for Your immaculate and constant love for me. I now ask for Your protection against the evil one’s plans. He is constantly trying to demolish everything You have established in my life. But I know that his schemes will fail because I am concealed in Christ.

He who is in me is greater than He who is in the world! I keep my faith solid, knowing that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness. When I am tempted to succumb to fear or anxiety, remind me that You are always with me, even to the end of the age.

As a result of my faith in You, I will not be shaken or moved. Lord, protect my heart and thoughts from discouragement and despair. Fill me with hope and joy as I anticipate all the excellent things You have promised me through Christ Jesus. Amen.

Prayer to Destroy Evil’s Actions


We come to You now, Heavenly Father, seeking Your help. We are aware that the evil one is constantly attempting to damage us and our deeds. We ask that You assist us in overcoming his attacks and that You destroy his works in our life.

We pray for the strength to withstand temptation and the discernment to know what is right. We beseech You to direct our ways and keep us safe. We applaud You for Your compassion and mercy, and we thank You for Your love and care for us. Amen.

Prayer to Destroy Evil’s Actions


Dear God, your Word is a powerful shield of protection against the enemy’s malicious attacks. I am so grateful that you are always watching over me, guarding and guiding me at all times. I’d be adrift in a sea of darkness and doubt if it weren’t for your counsel. But, with your eternal light blazing brilliantly before me, I know I am safe and secure in your loving care.

Thank you, God, for assisting me in resisting the enemy’s falsehoods and temptations. Your wisdom guides me down the path of truth, providing me with strength and courage when I most need it.

And with each passing day, I have more faith and trust in everything you have planned for me. So I thank you and applaud you for your mighty Word of protection. May it never fail to keep me safe for the rest of my life. Amen.

Prayer For Enemies To Abandon My Family And Their Evil Plans


I come to You today, Lord, seeking Your protection for my family. We have opponents that want us to fail. They could be coworkers who are envious of our success or neighbors who are continually causing issues.

Lord, I ask You to give us Your wisdom and strength as we confront these obstacles. I beseech You to assist us in overcoming our opponents’ nefarious plots. I plead with You to provide us with Your serenity as we go through this tough period. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer to Disperse Your Enemies

“The Lord will cause your enemies who rise up against you to be struck before you. They will come out against you one way, and will flee before you seven ways.” Deuteronomy 28:7

Oh Lord, you are the great deliverer and conqueror, and I thank you for your kindness and charity toward me.

Father God, the enemy has arrived with a united army to destroy me, but I am fighting in Jesus’ name right now.

I pray that you will immediately break every chain of sickness, disease, demonic attack, and struggle in my life and force the enemy’s army to disintegrate.

Lord, strengthen my faith in you as I continue to wait on you. In the powerful name of Jesus, I beseech you to restore my joy. Amen

Bible Verses Against Evil Intentions

The Bible expressly forbids plotting evil against others and provides us with counsel and insight when others do it to us.

Isaiah 54:17 – “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their vindication is from me,” declares the LORD.

This verse from Isaiah says that nothing that is made to hurt us will work. In other words, no matter what our enemies try to do to us, we can always count on God to protect us and help us win.

Psalm 23:4 – “Even if I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid because you are with me; your rod and your staff soothe me.”

This Psalm warns us not to fear the enemy’s nefarious plans. When we walk with God, we are safe no matter what others threaten, plot, or scheme.

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