Prayer To Stop Worrying

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Prayer To Stop Worrying

Father, I thank You for the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your love and for the hope we have in glory through Christ Jesus.

I am grateful for Your incredible power and influence in my life and Your kindness and blessing towards me. Even when I forget to keep our gaze on You and worry about other things, You always forgive and bring me back to Yourself.

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Please, father, help me to refocus our thoughts and heart on You. Fill me with Your serenity and joy as You revive my spirit. Father! I confess that I frequently forget the fact that You are always beside me.

I often neglect Your omnipotence, please forgive me, and please, Lord, help me to know You more every day. Help me to take each day as it comes. Help me take no thought for tomorrow.

Rather, help me count my blessings as they come each day. I want to put my faith in Your commitment to meet all of my needs. Guide my heart to always put my faith in You and worry less.

Gracious Father, I’ve come to You today with my fears and worries. Help me to remember Your power and grace whenever my anxieties and worries overwhelm me.

As I put my trust in only You, Lord, help to experience divine calmness. When I’m faced with problems I can’t overcome on my own, help me to recognize that You are by my side.

Teach me to remember to cast all my burdens and worries on You because You care for me and to remember that You have paid the price to carry my load.

Help me to know to realize that through Your sacrifice, grace, and forgiveness, I have been set free from all my worries

Father in Heaven, refresh my mind and let me realize my hope in You when I’m crushed by my worries.

When fear clutches my mind, and I am unable to move, encourage me to free my heart and take things one step at a time.

Comfort me with Your gentle words when I can’t convey the chaos inside. Daily as I live and breathe, help me to always put my trust in You.

My good Lord, Fear seeks to take away my tranquility since I’m always compelled to worry. The storms and trials of life often make everything around me become terrifying and make me anxious.

Nonetheless, I am confident that You are greater than all of my fears. Father, feel me with Your inner peace that surpasses all understanding.

Remind me to always pray more than I worry. Help me to know that You are always there to fight my battles, and I just need to be still and hold my peace in the face of challenges. Help me find peace of mind and strength in Your word.

Dear Father, I thank You for I know you always hear and answer my prayers whenever I call on You. All this I pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

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