Prayers for the Woman of God

Scripture commands us to pray for our leaders and all those who have authority over us. This includes making prayers for the woman of God, our pastors, and all the ministers of God.

Women play a vital role in the body of Christ as pillars of strength and support. Therefore, when we pray for them, we uphold them as effective ministers of God.

Here Are Prayers for the Woman of God.

Prayer for the Woman of God

Prayers for the Woman of God

Father God, thank you for your daughter, who has dedicated her life to serving and honoring you. I ask that you uphold her in life and ministry. Endow her with power and equip her with all she needs to succeed in ministry.

I also request that you honor her as she honors you. Give her the grace and wisdom to balance ministry and her role as a mother and wife.
Lastly, I pray that the gospel will prosper in her hands.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Protection from God (Over the Woman of God)

Prayer for Protection from God

Awesome God, I pray that you spread your protective covering on your daughter. Be her hiding place and let her find refuge under your wings. Also, protect her from trouble wherever she goes.

Surround her with your unfailing love and faithfulness and give her courage in the face of danger. Watch over her like a shepherd watches his flock. May the sun not smite her by day, nor the more by night.

Above all, I ask that you protect her from the evil one and all of his devices against her life, calling, and ministry.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for the Woman of God’s Empowerment

All Powerful God, your word says we will receive power after the Holy Ghost comes upon us. Therefore, I ask that you send your Spirit upon your daughter. Overshadow her by the power of your spirit so she can make full proof of her ministry.

I ask that you strengthen her with your spirit in the inner man. Also, renew her strength daily, and most importantly, baptize her with the fire of the Holy Ghost.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Prayer for Strength for the Woman of God

Prayer for Strength for the Woman of God

Good Shepherd, every one of us gets to that point of exhaustion and tiredness. Therefore, I pray for your daughter, asking that you strengthen her in her times of weakness. May she go from strength to strength and grace to grace.

And lastly, fill her with your joy, and may this joy be her strength continually.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for God’s Hand Upon the Woman of God

Lord, I ask that you be with your daughter as you were with the women in biblical times. May your hand be visible in her life and ministry. And in all she does, use her for your glory and turn men and women to you through her.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Those who do God’s work also need encouragement and support. Prayers for the woman of God are, without a doubt, a beautiful way to express your love and support for that anointed woman in ministry.

So, when you offer any of the above prayers, make them heartfelt. You, too, can be a blessing to her, just as she is to you.

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