Prayers For Those Who Are Grieving

Words of Comfort for Those Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Death is almost always unexpected. Even where a loved one is sick, there is always the hope that they will heal and have a new lease of life. Many times it doesn’t happen that way. We are then faced with a time of grief when they depart from us. 

God is good because in your suffering, he will comfort you with his precious promises of hope and healing (Psalm 119:50). He will take away your grief and help you remember your loved one without pain in your heart. 

Give your burden of grief to Jesus and rest in his mighty arms. 

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Prayer For All That Are Grieving

Lord, I praise you because you are my healer and deliverer. You have promised to deliver me from anything that threatens to destroy me.

I am experiencing grief because of my loss and I ask you to help me overcome it.

It is a struggle to wake up each day and function normally. I cry most of the time and feel weary from my grief. 

I am bent over and racked with pain and all day long. I walk around filled with grief (Psalm 38:6).

My strength is gone because I spend a lot of time rehashing my loss and wondering why it had to happen to me.

feel sad and lonely and crushed on the inside. My mind is full of negative thoughts and I can’t think straight.

Others have lost hope in my recovery and I have no one to comfort me.

No one seems to understand the depth of my pain.

I will strengthen myself in you because you understand the depth of my pain.

Help me during my grieving period and help me deal with my grief the right way.

May your word give me comfort because you are a compassionate Father who is sensitive to the pain of your children. 

You are my God and my safe haven and I don’t have to go around depressed because of my grief.

For you are the God of my strength. Why have you rejected me? Why do I go mourning because of the oppression of the enemy?  Psalm 43:2

I run to you today because you are my refuge and hiding place. Rescue me from the dark feelings that are threatening to take over my soul.

Show me how to process my pain and leave my unanswered questions with you.

I know that in due course you will give me a greater understanding of my situation. 

Give me hope and brighten my day with your counsel. Fill my heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit and gladness to carry me through each day.

May your promises preserve my life and take away thoughts of doom and gloom. You are my life and my source of encouragement.

Help me find others who can encourage me during this trying time.

Give me divine connections with those who will understand my situation and give me godly counsel. 

Help me heal before making long term decisions about my life. My judgment is clouded at the moment and I wouldn’t want to make decisions that I will later regret.

I will be patient with myself as I deal with my grief and allow you time to minister to my broken heart.

Take away my sorrow and fill my heart with praise that I may live again. 

You are my hope and salvation and may I keep my eyes on you always.

You are my helper and I can rely on you for strength. Renew my strength and refresh my spirit once more.

You give power to the weak and I ask that you fill me with yours. I thank you because I know you have heard my prayer and answered it.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

Prayer For A Grieving Spouse

Lord, you gave my spouse and I the most amazing years together. Now that he/she is no longer here, I am sad and filled with grief. Comfort my heart and give me renewed strength for each day. 

I will rest knowing that my loved one is with you in heaven. 

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

Prayer For A Grieving Parent

Prayers For Those Grieving Parents

The word of God says in Isaiah 57:1-2, “Good people die, and no one understands or even cares. But when they die, no calamity can hurt them. Those who live good lives find peace and rest in death.”

This is the word of God, and I pray it comforts you in this time of your loss.

I pray that you’re encouraged that your loss has been for God’s better plan. I pray that God grants you the grace to accept this loss but also understand that your loved one is resting away from this evil world and all its calamities.

Your beloved child now rests with the good Lord who makes all things good.

In the name of Jesus, I pray that your hearts are strengthened knowing that your beloved is with the Lord.

The word of God says that good people find peace and rest in death, and this is true for your beloved.

May God comfort you even as it may be difficult being separated from your beloved in the flesh.

I pray that your hope is empowered and your hearts are marinated by the peace of God.

You will not lose your peace in the name of Jesus.

You will not mourn like those who do not know the plan of God.

I pray that you will not be swept off by the sorrows of this event, in the name of Jesus.

I pray against the wind of depression that the enemy may blow against you in this time of pain.

I pray that your pains and sorrows are taken away from you, and a garment of joy is exchanged for your garment of sorrow, in the name of the Lord Jesus.

God’s word says in Jeremiah 31:13, “Then the young women will dance and be happy, and men, young and old, will rejoice. I will comfort them and turn their mourning into joy, their sorrow into gladness.”

The word of the Lord has declared a restoration of your joy. I pray you receive this word in faith, in the name of Jesus.

May you receive the comfort of the Lord your God in this trying time.

I pray that you will be happy again as God has spoken peace into your hearts, to uplift your spirits again.

I pray that your mourning is turned into joy, and your sorrow into gladness.

I pray that you experience the comforting ministry of the Spirit of God in a time like this.

May the life-giving Spirit of God dwelling in you, fill your heart with the peace and joy of the Lord.

I pray that God turns this situation for a testimony for you, in the name of Jesus.

May God restore unto you what you’ve lost in multiple folds.

May God remember you in this time and cause all things to work out for good in your lives.

I pray that the grace of the Lord Jesus, abides with you.

I pray that the love of God will be felt in your lives in this time, more than ever before.

And I pray that the Spirit of fellowship will continually be with you, and keep your hearts focused on God.

I pray that God keeps you in perfect peace, even as your heart remains stayed on him.

This storm of pain and sorrow will not sweep you off your feet, in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for a Grieving Friend

Prayer For a Grieving Friend
Prayer For a Grieving Friend

Heavenly Father, I thank you for my dear friend, who’s going through so much right now. The Lord is with you and he’ll not leave you nor forsake you, this is his word and it will be established in your life. God will not leave you now that you’ve called upon him.

I pray that the God of peace will give you peace and stability in this troubling time. You will not be swept by the waters that threaten to pull you into the pit of despair. The Lord is your comforter and healing in this time when you need him the most.

God has said he’s the restorer. I pray for you that even now as you seek the restoration of God to fill the space that has brought you grief, may the Lord be merciful and restore your peace. He’ll restore what you’ve lost in ways that will erase the pains of the past.

Receive the comfort of the Lord this day and let Him take away your garment of mourning.

The bible says in 1 Thessalonians 4:13, that a believer may not grieve as one who has no hope. You have the hope of seeing the dead risen again by the Lord Jesus, therefore be comforted by these words. Dear friend, God knows what pain you’re going through right now, and in his love, he won’t let you go through this fire forever.

I pray that your hope and trust in God is not threatened by this present challenge you have come into. For the bible says in Romans 8:18, that our present sufferings are nothing to be compared with the glory that will be revealed in us.

You’re strengthened by God to go through this and come out with a glorious testimony. God watches over the righteous, and he will not be far from you.

I pray that you receive the grace to endure this suffering in the name of Jesus. Nothing will take you by surprise and throw your faith into jeopardy.

In the name of Jesus, you will not be a victim of depression caused by pain. This is only a phase that will pass before you know it, my friend.

The bible also says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, that we give thanks always as this is the will of God.

I pray that your heart is lifted and overcomes the sorrows that deter you from thanking God even in this condition.

I pray you receive the grace to give thanks to God even now that all may seem blurry and uncertain. I want you to know that God loves you even in everything you may be facing now, and he will bring you out in the name of Jesus.

I pray that your strength doesn’t fail you in the day of your adversity. May your strength be increased by the abundant grace that God supplies, in Jesus’ name.

My dear friend, the eyes of the Lord are over those he loves. No matter what happens in your life, God has a good plan that will soon come to pass.

He says that His plans for you are for good and to give you an expected end, and this is exactly what you’ll experience. 

I pray over you, and ask the God and Father of our Lord Jesus, that his overwhelming love and grace find expression in your life, to give you peace and joy, to restore your tears and comfort you with the eternal hope of his glory that takes away every pain and sorrow, in the name of Jesus.

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