Prayers For When You Need God To Quiet Your Fears

Dear Jesus, it is overwhelming to think of Your great love and the sacrifices that You have made for me, even before my existence. You say that You have loved me with everlasting love, and I see this in everything that is around me.

I see how You care for me and daily provide for my needs. You have given me a wonderful family and friends that look out for me. And You have placed me in a church that helps me to grow and consciously seek Your ways.

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Prayers For When You Need God To Quiet Your Fears

Lord, I am aware that You care for me at all times, and You have spared nothing as You reach out to teach me Your ways. And yet, I am still only human, and I fall into worry and fear as I think about my future. The bills always pile, and there is always a need that I must meet.

I wonder where the next miracle will come from, and I stay up at night worrying about the plans for the future. Sometimes, everything looks bleak and dire, and my heart sinks within me.

But in these times, I remember that worry will not add a cubit to my life, and as I look at the lilies of the fields and the birds of the sky, I learn a vital lesson. These do not weave wool or plant seeds, yet You give them all that they need to survive.

I watch babies; they do not work or labor, but they trust their parents to provide for their needs and meet all their cravings. And I realize that if we, who are wicked, can give good gifts to our children, You will do more for me.

I have this assurance because I know that You are the definition of love and life. You do not withhold any good thing from Your children because You know that we need them. And so, it is a battle when my heart and my mind become frantic in worry, and it seems like I do not have faith in You. I feel the shame of knowing that You can do all things and yet fear the worse things.

Dear Father, I come before You today, and I ask that You will take over my worries and fears as You remind me that You will never leave me nor forsake me.

Joshua 1:9 Bible Verse

Haven’t I commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be dismayed, for Yahweh your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

I pray that You will quiet all my doubts over the future and obsessions over the control of my life. I hand over my times and seasons to You, and I give You all of my fears and worries. I pray that You take over my life and help me to trust Your purposes and timing.

From now on, I pray that You will replace all my fears with the assurance of Your love and goodness. I pray that in my darkest nights and my dreariest days, I will recall the times that You have shown up for me in the past. I thank You, Lord, for being a good Father. Amen.

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