For he knows how we are made. He remembers that we are dust. – Psalm 103:14


Spiritual Thought

The fact that we have finite physical bodies is evident. We are born, we grow, we mature, we age, and we die. It is the same path for everyone.

Our bodies are made up of elements found on our planet – dust. And when we die, our bodies decompose and become part of the earth in which we are buried – dust. Even if our bodies are cremated, our ashes poured out in the wind – dust.

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In the book of Genesis, it is revealed that God formed our bodies from the dust of the ground. We like to think that we are more, but indeed, without the power and mercy of God, we are but dust.

You watch as young people frolic through the day and party through the night. Young women make up, dress up and go about caring for their beauty.

Young men, muscular and broad, exercise their bodies to stay in tip-top shape. Even if for a moment, they think they will stay young for long. They remain naïve to the power of lapsing time.

Time will always catch up to us.

Getting old creeps in on us like an uninvited guest and interacts with our bodies like a stranger. While we do our best to keep aging at bay, we often become faced with the depressing reality that we may be next on death’s itinerary.

We might become blue about it sometimes, but then we embrace it, relaxing into its icy grasp.

God deals with each one of us understanding the finitude of our bodies. We are dust, you and I, and what wisdom we can draw by remembering this every once in a while.


You have made me Lord, and You Lord know all that there is to know about me. You know what bothers me in my body, where it does, and how it does. I look up to You for healing and complete recovery from every abnormal functioning within my body. Please heal me, Lord!

Father, I know that it takes a lot of strength to keep going with this body of mine. I know that I can do the things that need to be done, but I need Your help to make it happen. I need to put Your strength in my body. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.

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