Psalm 40:13

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“Be pleased, Lord, to deliver me. Hurry to help me, Lord.” – Psalm 40:13

Psalm 40:13

Spiritual Thought

Desperation is not something new in this world. The happenings unfolding around us can unravel any reasonable person. Furthermore, in our personal lives, we face all kinds of challenges.

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A doctor’s report, an outstanding mortgage payment, school debts, a layoff, a sudden accident, a relentless addiction, nagging anxieties, a loved one in trouble, depression, and much more can leave us completely demoralized and severely discouraged.

Many times, when unsavory circumstances occur, we have nowhere to turn for help. Sometimes, when we think we can get a friend’s assistance, we find that they need help with something themselves. This is why we need to learn to turn to God and cry out to Him for deliverance.

The only one who can give us a great rescue from our trials and tribulations is God himself. No man can thoroughly help us. But our God is faithful to deliver and trustworthy to save.

However, many of us feel as if God isn’t quick enough. We feel as though he is sluggish and uninterested in helping us in our struggles.

Our scripture text alludes to the desperation of humanity and our lack of understanding of the love of God.

On the contrary, we must know that God cares about our desperate needs and has already prepared a way of rescue for us because he is good.

God is in a hurry to save you and has prepared everything to see that you are well cared for.


Lord, please deliver me quickly. Give me the strength to wait while it is still night, for I know that joy comes in the morning! You will hurriedly hear my cry for help because You have loved me with everlasting love!

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