Psalm 62:11

God has spoken once; twice I have heard this, that power belongs to God. – Psalm 62:11

Psalm 62:11

Spiritual Thought

When last did you hear an echo? If unobstructed, one sound made in a relatively vacant space will bounce off the walls, reflecting the sound one or more times. It’s a rather interesting phenomenon. Sound travels to rigid surfaces and comes back to the point of propagation such that when you speak, you hear your voice a second time, then some.

The Psalmist declares that God spoke once. However, he heard twice. One phenomenon that can explain this is an echo. Having described a natural echo, let’s talk about a social echo.

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A social echo describes how an idea is initially expressed, travels from one mind to another through different human-operated mediums, and returns to the person who first articulated it. With the prevalence of social media today, this is a very dynamic and interesting experience.

It’s a weird feeling hearing your voice echo. So it is listening to a stranger talk passionately about an idea you originated. Similarly, it is uncanny to hear about any subject in more than one sitting in one day. Repetition commands attention.

The essence of this recurring auditory experienced is being articulated in our scripture text. The objective is to make us aware that power is God’s possession – an emphasis God didn’t necessarily have to make. Still, the sheer intensity of His voice resonates through our entire being resounding his words.

How overwhelming it is to hear God like this, to become unambiguously conscious of his great power.


Dear God, help me in my weakness, I can’t get past the hurdle today. Help me to believe in the power of Your might. The power of your love, the power of your salvation, the power of your wisdom, the power of your strength. Help me to not be discouraged, and when I feel weak or broken, Lord help me to believe that you are with me. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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