Psalm 91:3

For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler, and from the deadly pestilence.– Psalm 91:3

Bible Verse Psalm 91:3

Spiritual Thought

What does a promise sound like?

In making statements of absolute assurance in promises or commitments with the English language, we would typically exaggerate our willingness to fulfill our end by using emphatic adverbs. Words or phrases like “truly,” “definitely,” “certainly,” “I promise,” and such would come up in our promissory sentences.

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Therefore, observe first and foremost that our text is a promise. A promise is a verbal commitment by an individual assuring another that they will do a certain thing intended or desired.

The Psalmist, under the influence of the Holy Spirit and having experienced the outstanding nature of God, guarantees us readers (and by extension, hearers) that our God will always rescue us.

A fowler is one who sets traps for birds, and this usually involves the use of bait.

We, like birds, were intended by God to soar high through life.

But certain times when we get weary, we could become ensnared in the traps of the devil by attractive things he uses to bait us.

Of course, his intent is to destroy.

However, he won’t always bring in something you’re outrightly adverse to, so you won’t see the evil of his schemes.

On the other hand, a perilous pestilence signifies an all-out, explicit, malicious attack of the devil.

You see, the enemy will use both means to go after you. That’s what has made him relatively successful over the ages.

Yet, we have a promise from God that there is deliverance from both arrangements of the devil.

Isn’t this the goodness of God?

Why not praise Him right away?!


Father, save me from the diseases that threaten my life. Bring an end to my ill-health and restore me by Your mighty hand of grace and power.

In the name of Jesus, I am delivered out of every snare that has been set against me in my path to make me fall, and from every deadly pestilence that brings men down.

The Lord will save me and keep me!

No hidden danger buried in my path by the devil to bring me deadly diseases in my body shall prosper in Jesus’ name! I am healed!


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