Psalm 91:7

“A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it will not come near you.” – Psalm 91:7

Psalm 91:7

Spiritual Thought

One of the major causes of panic in our world today is the news. When we hear of the misfortune of others around us or somewhat connected to us, we get uneasy pretty quickly. In fact, the more victims, the more frightened we become. But God wants us to go against the norm.

Our text is a promissory prophecy – a word from God. This declaration is a guarantee – a divine guarantee. Therefore, on the basis of this promise, God expects absolute faith in His word from us.

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God wants you to think that you are absolutely invulnerable to the scourges that plague the rest of the world. God desires you to accept that you can never become a negative statistic in the news.

Of course, this goes against the baser, world-class reasoning. Everyone else expects to be affected by what affects others. It appears to be common sense.

As a result, the world’s culture is always preparing for the worst. But the Word of the Almighty declares that the adversity that puts others down around you will never put you down.

We do not revel in the misfortune of others for whom our Lord died. On the contrary, we are saddened that they have to suffer for their ignorance of our God and His promises.

That is why we believers are responsible for dispersing the good news of the Kingdom of God to everyone around us.

Destruction cannot destroy you according to the word of God. Do you believe this?


The Lord is strong and mighty. You are able to keep me even when trouble is all around me. You will deliver me out safely and I will not be hurt because You are with me!

Lord, I know I am weak. I am vulnerable to the things of this world. But I place my trust in You and ask that You protect me from every evil that comes my way today. Please help me to walk in righteousness all the days of my life. Thank You for Your unfailing love, grace, and mercy.

Help me be a light in the darkness and a beacon for people around me to see You through my life.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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