Rejoice Like Mary

In our walk with God, rejoicing fills us with joy. We have been called to rejoice always because rejoicing is a powerful expression of our faith in God. In the pages of Scripture, we encounter Mary, a woman who embodies the spirit of rejoicing and praise.

Rejoice Like Mary

Her life challenges us to cultivate hearts overflowing with joy even amidst life’s challenges.

Through her encounter with the angel Gabriel, her Magnificat, and her trust in God’s plan, Mary’s life inspires us to embrace joy, express gratitude in every situation, and celebrate God’s goodness.

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Our objective is to draw lessons from the Bible’s account of Mary so we can learn how to rejoice like her in our own lives.

Mary’s Story: A Woman of Joy and Surrender

Mary’s story is one filled with joy and surrender as she embraced God’s plan for her life. It all began with a divine encounter when the angel Gabriel appeared to her, announcing that she would conceive and give birth to Jesus, the Son of God. (See Luke 1:26-38).

This news must have been both overwhelming and awe-inspiring for Mary, as she was just a young woman. Mary responded with incredible faith and joy despite the uncertainties and societal expectations. She recognized the honor bestowed upon her and willingly surrendered herself to God’s will.

One beautiful expression of Mary’s joy and surrender is found in her song of praise, known as the Magnificat. (See Luke 1:46-55). In this heartfelt song, Mary rejoiced about God’s faithfulness and His mighty works.

She exalted the Lord, declaring His greatness and mercy that extends to all generations. Through her words, Mary demonstrated her deep trust in God’s plan and her willingness to be a vessel for His purpose.

Mary’s journey continued as she traveled to Bethlehem with Joseph, guided by God’s divine hand. It was there, in a humble stable, that Mary gave birth to Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah. Mary’s heart overflowed with joy and awe in that precious moment as she witnessed the fulfillment of God’s biggest promise.

Soon after Jesus’ birth, Mary and Joseph presented Him in the temple, where they encountered the righteous and devout Simeon (See Luke 2:25-35). Simeon, led by the Holy Spirit, prophesied about Jesus, affirming Mary’s faith and revealing the significance of her son’s mission. Simeon’s words must have affirmed Mary’s surrender to God’s plan as she witnessed the divine purpose unfolding before her.

Lessons We Can Learn from Mary’s Rejoicing

Rejoice Like Mary Praying
  1. Choose joy during trials.

Mary’s life was not without its challenges. Despite societal expectations and uncertainties surrounding her situation, she responded with both faith and joy.

Mary’s faith-filled response teaches us the importance of choosing joy during our trials. Just as Mary trusted in God’s goodness, we can find joy in our situations by also trusting God. Though the road may be difficult, we can hold onto the assurance that God is always with us, working all things together for our good.

  1. Always surrender to God’s plan with a grateful heart.

Mary’s humble submission to God’s will is a powerful example of surrender and gratitude. She recognized that her life was part of a greater plan and willingly surrendered her desires to God. In doing so, Mary embraced gratitude and acknowledged God’s faithfulness. Similarly, we are called to surrender our lives to God’s plan, trusting He knows what is best for us. As we cultivate grateful hearts, we position ourselves to experience the fullness of God’s blessings.

  1. Praise and worship God in all seasons.

Mary’s response to God’s faithfulness was a beautiful song of praise known as the Magnificat, as earlier stated. Through her example, she motivates us to cultivate a lifestyle of praise and worship. Regardless of our circumstances, we can express gratitude and adoration for who God is and what He has done.

We pray that you follow Mary’s example and continually praise and worship the One who deserves it all.

Applying Mary’s Spirit of Rejoicing in Our Lives Today

Firstly, cultivating a grateful heart is essential in embracing the spirit of rejoicing. We can develop this habit by intentionally practicing gratitude. Start by setting aside a few moments each day to reflect on God’s blessings.

Consider keeping a gratitude journal where you jot down things you are thankful for.

This simple practice will shift your focus from what you lack to what you have. Additionally, expressing gratitude not only to God but also to those around us reinforces an attitude of appreciation and deepens our joy.

Secondly, learn to rejoice amid trials and hardships. There’s no doubt that life is filled with challenges. But even in the midst of trials, we can find reasons to rejoice.

When facing difficult times, it’s important to remember that our joy is not dependent on circumstances but on our relationship with God. So, we can find both consolation and hope by turning to His Word, seeking encouragement and inspiration from biblical examples who rejoiced in adversity.

The stories of Joseph, Job, and Paul remind us that joy can coexist with hardship. By shifting our focus to God’s faithfulness, we will experience a deep-rooted joy that surpasses our circumstances.

Thirdly, share the message of joy and hope with others. As recipients of God’s love and joy, we have the privilege of sharing this transforming message with those around us.

We become ambassadors of joy by embodying God’s joy and love in our daily interactions. Through acts of kindness, encouragement, and sharing the good news of Jesus, we can impact lives and bring hope to those who need it most.

Whether through a smile, a listening ear, or a simple act of service, we can spread God’s joy and make a difference in the lives of others.

The Fruit of Rejoicing: Transformation and Blessings

Rejoicing in the Lord brings incredible transformation and abundant blessings in our lives. When we rejoice in God’s goodness, we experience a profound shift in our perspective and find strength in His faithfulness.

Firstly, rejoicing in the Lord transforms our attitudes and outlook. It lifts us from despair and fills our hearts with hope, joy, and peace. Our worries and anxieties fade away as we focus on His promises and faithfulness.

Secondly, a joy-filled life emerges when we consistently rejoice in God’s faithfulness. It’s not a fleeting happiness dependent on our circumstances but a deep-rooted joy that springs forth from knowing that God is always with us. Even amid trials and hardships, we can stay joyful and rejoice like Mary.

Lastly, embracing Mary’s spirit of rejoicing enables us to live the abundant life Christ has promised us. As we rejoice in the Lord, we open ourselves to His work in our lives. He molds us into vessels of His love, joy, and peace.

Our relationships flourish as we radiate His joy to others and become agents of His kingdom, spreading His light and hope in a broken world.

Just as Mary chose to rejoice and praise God, we too can embrace the spirit of rejoicing and discover the transformation and blessings it brings. Scripture says – Always rejoice. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus toward you. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)


The importance of rejoicing cannot be overstated. As we have reflected on the life of Mary, we have witnessed the transforming power of joy, surrender, and praise. Mary’s trust in God’s plan and her exuberant praise in the face of her trial inspires us to cultivate rejoicing in our lives.

Let’s remember that rejoicing is not contingent upon our circumstances but rooted in our relationship with God. By finding joy in His love and faithfulness, we will experience true contentment and peace.

So, dear readers, we urge you to rejoice in the Lord always because He is the source of our strength and the giver of every good and perfect gift.

As you go forth, may your heart overflow with gratitude, and may your life be a testimony of the power of rejoicing in the Lord.

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