Snap Judgments

Do you ever find that you glance at someone and quickly think to yourself:

  • “That looks terrible on her.”

  • “How could she tattoo her body? It makes her look trashy.”

  • “She wears too much makeup.”

  • “I hope I never get that big.”

Are we seeing the one we are judging as a person through the eyes of God? Are we loving them through the hearts of God?

The Christian “Us Box”

As Christians, are we accepting and loving of all people or just the ones that look like “us,” that talk and act like “us?” Christ did not act this way with people. He set an example that we should be following, not going against.

Many believers have preconceived ideas of what a Christian should look like, act like, and sound like. If they fail to fit into the mold we have created within our mind; then we are quick to judge them.

If you can, picture a man in your mind. He would appear as a simple man in perhaps a worn garment, a man who has not shaven or had a trendy haircut, a man who may have sandals on that has traveled hundreds of miles collecting dust and dirt, a man who speaks gently and quietly. This man does not have an IWatch on, does not carry a cell phone, and does not have sparkling white teeth. Have you envisioned him as a homeless person or perhaps a nomadic hippy-like individual?

This man is Jesus. SNAP!

Trampling On Grace

Cultivating religious cookie-cutter expectations in other believers is not what Christ desires in our hearts or minds. There is value in the one that may not be able to afford to dress in the top designer labels, or the one who once led a very worldly life before becoming saved and the results of that prior life is evident on their bodies. We cannot judge another until we have dealt with ourselves first.

If you find yourself making snap judgments about others, especially believers, it’s time for a spiritual checkup and ask for forgiveness.

  • Ask God to help you to see every human being through His eyes and to look past the outward appearances.
  • Ask God to help you love them unconditionally through His heart.
  • Ask God to help you minister and guide the new babies in Christ regardless of how they retreat to their former life with their language and actions now and then.

Acknowledge Your Own Sinful Tendency

We are all works in progress, and it’s not up to us to smooth the rough edges of others. That’s where the beauty of Christ comes in. All of us have some rough edges ourselves that could use some smoothing out.

Every believer belongs to a group of broken people, and not one of us is greater or better than the other. For Christ comes to us when we are at our messiest, and He cleans us up bringing us to the holier side where we sparkle like diamonds.

Remember to love the other diamonds no matter what shape, size, or color they are. Love each for the imperfections that make them unique for the flaw in a diamond makes it different from the rest.

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