Stats & Facts: Daily Prayer and Devotionals

A Look at How Many People Pray and Have Quiet Time 

As believers, we try to carve out time each day for time alone with God.

When we don’t, the Holy Spirit definitely convicts us, right?

Thank you, Holy Spirit, because otherwise, I would keep on going day after day after day without some quality time in a quiet place with my Creator.

There’s an overwhelming number of Christians who don’t yield to the voice telling them, “Hey, you are putting God last. He is waiting for you to just spend a little time with Him.”

Have you ever wondered how many people pray?

coming together to pray

Hang on, because we are going to hit you up with some seriously insightful information!

Prayer and Devotional: The Facts Say It All!

Have you ever wondered how many people pray daily around the world? Or more importantly, how many people have quiet time with God?

The Pew Research Center in Washington DC conducted a study (2014 U.S. Religious Landscape Study) to obtain data on prayer frequency of the different religions in the U.S.

In addition to their findings, they include relevant data on daily prayer and devotional time on a global basis

Statistics on Daily Prayer: A look at different religions, races, regions, genders, and age

We are about to share some data that is EYE-OPENING and possibly convicting with regard to our own prayer habit. 

Daily Prayer/Devotional in the U.S.


1st: Evangelical Protestants (36%)

2nd: Catholics (22%)

3rd: Mainline Protestants (14%)

4th: Historically Black Protestants (9%)

5th: Mormons (3%)

6th: Orthodox Christians (1%)

7th: Jehovah’s Witness (1%



Within all religions, more women (59%) than men (41%) pray on a daily basis. 

Those women are predominantly Buddhists.


Within all religions, middle-age adults (30-49 yrs old) are the predominant age group who pray daily.

Those middle-age adults are predominantly Muslim.


Within all religions, whites are the predominant race that prays daily.

Those among whites are predominantly Mormon.

Daily Prayer/Devotional Globally


All religions

  • Nigeria came in at 95% as the leading country that prays daily.

  • China (1%) is the lowest daily praying country.


  • Globally within the Christian group, more women (61%) than men (51%) pray on a daily basis. 

How many people in the world pray daily or have daily devotionals_

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So, has your brain been tickled?

We hope that the data behind prayer and devotional time will help you to pause and reflect on your own personal walk with God. 

Are you spending time in prayer and devoting time in the Word?

Not only have we examined how many people pray, but how many people have quiet time as well. It’s definitely an eye-opener packed with insight!

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