4 Steps to Total Restoration

steps to restoration

It is hard, right?

Losing what you have worked for because of circumstances that are beyond you or a mistake you made.

You feel lost. Starting over is so hard.

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Well, the good thing is we serve a God that restores. He will bring total restoration to you if you let Him.

Even if what you are going through is as a result of the mistake you made, God will restore you as long as you repent, humble yourself before him and pray (2Chronicles).

Now, it is easy to feel dejected when you experience loss because of circumstances.

For example, it is easy to wallow in self-pity after losing your business to a swindler you have prayed and worked hard to set up for a long time.

But your heavenly father will restore what you have lost according to his word (Joel 2:18).

But there’s a catch you need to cooperate with God because he won’t force you to do anything.

Here are steps you need to follow to cooperate with God and experience total restoration;

Renew Your Mind

Know what the word of God says about restoration.

Find different verses about restoration. See how God restored different people in the bible.

The more you read the word, the more faith will rise, and you will be able to get what you are praying for because God works through faith, and he loves to confirm his word.


 Stand firm in his word by praying his promises as you wait patiently.

Now, waiting on God doesn’t mean you sit there, just praying without doing anything constructive.

You have to continue chasing your dreams as you wait on the Lord because you never know where your miracle will come from.

Pour out your heart to God. Share your frustrations, fears, and expectations with him. Let God know that you depend on him alone because he is your all in all.

God is ready to give you double for your trouble; keep praying.

Surrender Fully To God

Surrendering means letting go and letting God take charge of things.

Yes, things are tight on your end, it seems like there is no way out for you but, surrendering everything to God takes the pressure off you. Y

ou will have peace despite what is going on.

Surrendering fully shows that you trust God completely.


You need to believe that God is able to restore what we have lost.

The enemy will try to block you from getting back what you lost because he wants you to live in defeat. But he has no power over you.

Fight the good fight by standing on the promises of God. Know that the enemy is against your success, but God wants you to be successful.

Stop looking at your situation and focus on Jesus because he is your shepherd. Believe that God will do what he has promised. He is a covenant keeping God.

There are different kinds of challenges that we face in life. The enemy loves to throw different things our way.

While going through loss is not something we look forward to, it happens to the best of us not because we are bad people but because we live in a fallen world.

Restoration may not happen right away, and it may not even come the way you are expecting, but God will surely restore you.

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