Made To Worship T-Shirt



Made To Worship T-Shirt

This shirt is perfect for anyone that loves to worship our God.

Makes a great gift for worship leaders and anyone in the music ministry.

Made To Worship T-Shirt

The shirt is unisex, soft and True To Size. If you prefer a more fitted look, size down one.

Why Do We Worship?

God created you and me to have a direct relationship with Him. This intimacy is woven through the very fibers that blankets us as believers with the blood of Jesus. 

As believers, worshipping our Creator is something that comes natural for us. We desire to honor Him through our praises and worship.


  • He commands us to worship Him above all else (Luke 4:8.) 
  • He is worthy of honor and praise. 
  • Worshipping any other being or thing is considered idolatry (Exodus 20:3.)


Think of yourself as a battery. Continual use will eventually cause you to run out of power. Believers like you and I have a source to plug into to recharge ourselves. We do this daily to stay strong and be full of joy.


Our source of power is none other than God. We have a deep sense of respect and reverence for Him. We have a sort of ‘reaction’ to the warmth and joyful feeling of his constant love and blessings that flow through us. This reaction is what we call ‘worship.’ It’s similar to getting excited and jumping up and down! Can you imagine having all of this power of a recharged battery AND God’s love running through you and not have the urge to shout ‘hallelujah?” 


During our time of worshipping God, He quietly reaches down to us and meets our deepest needs. This goes to show how unselfish His love is for each of us. He is the one and only true God and is deserving of our honor, praise and worship.


“You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve.” Luke 4:8





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