Sunday Prayers

Prayer for Palm Sunday

Heavenly Father, It’s such a pleasant experience to praise You. How good It’s to rise from bed, stand on the hard ground, and lift holy hands in worship – the hand You made holy through the death and resurrection of Your firstborn.

You are the epicenter of goodness and righteousness. And I’m so grateful I know You by name.

God of heaven and earth, thank You for today, Palm Sunday when we commemorate the Lord Jesus’ triumphant entry into the holy city of Jerusalem over two thousand years ago.

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It is symbolic because it reminds me of how You gracefully swooped into my life and swept me off my feet, buried in sin and lust. Father, I’m so grateful for Your salvation.

Prayer for Palm Sunday

All those years ago, the people of Israel praised Jesus and prayed, “Hosanna in the highest,” which means “save us.”

And oh, how You saved us with Your mighty hand and outstretched arm. And I’m so grateful to be among the robust evidence of Your work of salvation and redemption.

So, today I cry out to You and say I’m grateful for Your excellent work in me. I won’t be ashamed to proclaim how You set me free from a course of conduct leading to ruin and destruction. And It’s by Your standards I live my life now.

All those years ago, Jesus’ disciples waved palm branches and set their cloaks on the ground for him to ride over on his donkey. They showed their submission to serve You with their lives and displayed their loyalty and commitment. And I follow that example today.

So, Lord, I lay down my life before You. Let my essence become a public platform for Your eternal glory and majesty.

My God and Father, before You only, I will bow and worship only You till the end of time in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Prayer for Friends

Sunday Prayer for Friends

Dear Jesus, I’m learning that all Christians need friends to lift them and encourage them when their faith and fire are burning low. Your disciples were not just companions and learners at Your feet. They were also Your friends.

You have taught us by example that we need people to pray for and with us as we walk the Christian faith. Lord, You have blessed me with the best friends and faith partners I could ever ask for.

Lord, there have been so many times that I have been too weak and tired to keep walking and living the faith. Lord, they have faithfully stood in the gap and interceded for my family and me.

Therefore, this Sunday morning, I pray for my friends. I ask that You bless them and satisfy them with Yourself. Lord, I pray that You reveal more of Your path to them and lead them in still and quiet waters.

I pray that in their days of confusion and tiredness, You light up their paths and make them see new hope.

I ask that You refresh and renew their faith as they grow in knowledge and wisdom through Your word. Lord, in their spheres of influence, I ask that they lead with ease and grace.

Lord, teach me to love them as I should and open my eyes to ways I can help ease their burdens. I ask for the grace to be the best friend I can be, lifting them when they are too weak to keep up the faith.

Where they are in need, I ask that You show up for them in unique ways.

I pray that You encourage and help them in the day of trouble. Lord, I ask that they will feel Your presence beside them as they walk this path. Thank You for making us a blessing to this generation. Amen.

Pastoral Prayer for Easter Sunday

Pastoral Prayer for Easter Sunday

Lord God of Heaven and Earth, King of all, Ruler of the nations; what an extreme honor and overwhelming pleasure to be called by Your name and the name of Your holy son Jesus.

You are the strategist and procurer of eternal salvation and life, the rain of glory that has now fallen on the earth parched by the incalescence of sin and death.

And this incredible feat You effected was accomplished by the contradiction of death – the death of Jesus Christ, Your son.

On this easter morning, we are gathered here to acknowledge You and the distinction of Your redemptive work for all who live, have lived, and will live on this terrestrial ball.

We are overcome with awe and wonder why You will consider us so valuable a species to die for when You could instantly create another species more worthy of Your glory.

Gracious Father, all we see is that You have set Your love upon us forever – a love so unwavering and unyielding that You sent Your son to die. Oh, how amazing Your grace is!

Oh, how sweet is the sound of Your love in the words of this gospel that You sent Your holy son to die for sinners who didn’t know him or his immeasurable worth!

Lord, our hearts are dense with thanksgiving, and our mouths are heavy with praise for all You do and have done. But the reasons for these are only partially stated in the story of Christ’s death.

Oh, the allure of this epic is consummated at the end of the story, where the grave opens up, and death has no choice but to let its prisoner go free forever for the first time.

Oh, the grandeur, the wonder – the glory of God on uninhibited display for the whole universe to see that God could die, but he also is the resurrection and the life. So, Lord, thank You for putting all Your enemies to shame on that fateful day.

And we are so grateful because You ushered us into new life and peace forever by Your resurrection from the dead.

And so, God of gods, King of kings, and Lord of lords, we thank You for this auspicious opportunity to remember that we are free children of Yours who have been remade for perfection, glory, and honor.

Therefore, all we say is in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace and peace be multiplied to You all in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Sunday School Teachers Meeting

Prayer for Sunday School Teachers Meeting

Heavenly Father, we thank You today for the wisdom of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are grateful for that wisdom because it gave us the enlightenment that stirred us toward repentance.

Furthermore, we are honored that we have been selected and enabled to become proclaimers of the wisdom that transformed us from wretches to worthy men and women of God.

Gracious One, we esteem You as the Author of all wisdom and, thus, teacher of all desirous of truth and justice. By Your precious Holy Spirit, You, the greatest of all tutors, teach us wisdom and understanding, and all Your words enlighten us.

Oh, God, we humble ourselves before You. We are disciples – students – of Your son Jesus Christ, and by extension, Your humble students ready to learn all You will teach us.

So, dearest Father, even as we gather here, we ask that You deepen our understanding and insight into Your word so that all the words that come out of our mouths to Your humble people will give them light in the darkness, confidence in confusion, and peace in distress.

God, let all we do in this meeting be according to Your desire and standard. Show us how to study the scriptures so that You will revive Your church and Your people will be made strong.

Lord God, we are confident of this one thing – that You want all human beings to know You. So, asking that You reveal Yourself to us will be out of order. So, instead, we declare that we are ready to know, obey, serve, and love You. And we can’t wait to see what You will show us from Your secret place.

Even as You said to Jeremiah, “Call to me, and I will answer You and show great and marvelous things that You never knew,” so do we call to You loudly that we may know what we’ve never learned.

Thank You, Lord, for hearing our call and answering us with great revelation in the name of Jesus Christ.

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