Surviving the Storms of Life Through the Bible

Life can throw many challenges your way and they can threaten to take you down. Storms will shake the foundation of your faith.

Surviving the Storms of Life Through the Bible

If Jesus Christ is the solid rock upon which you stand, you will survive the storms of life.

God has given you the Bible – His Word – to help you overcome life’s challenges. A storm shakes the things that need to leave to make more room for God in your life.

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The Bible is a book inspired by the Holy Spirit and contains God’s promises for every season in your life.

In Psalm 34:17, God has promised He will deliver you from all your troubles. He will see you through each storm as you declare His word over every troubling situation you face.

The word of God renews your mind and you can see every storm from God’s perspective instead of leaning on your own understanding.

You will have less anxiety and fear. The truth will make you free.

You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. John 8:32

The Bible is God’s truth.

When you know the reason for your storm, you will know how to overcome it. God equips you to stand as you go through each trying time and when the storm is over, He will reveal His glory.

God has given you His angels to encamp around you and deliver you (Psalm 34:7).

They respond to the word of God as you declare it over your situation.

Turn to the Bible for help to survive the storms of your life.

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