Tea Time With God

“Tea for Two”

The Beauty Of Being Broken!

I fondly recall visits to my grandmother’s house and how I was mesmerized with her beautiful collection of antique china teacups. “Each teacup has a story,” she would tell me. The fine bone china was thin and had the appearance of a shiny diamond. Every teacup was different in shape, design, colors, and size.

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These teacups were so fragile, yet were strong enough vessels to hold the hot liquids that they were destined for.

One Special Little Teacup

broken tea pot

When my grandma had passed, I was fortunate enough to inherit her teacup collection. Each teacup held such wonderful memories of her. She used to tell me how she “took tea” each morning with God while she read her devotional.

I can just picture her in my mind with her dainty teacup full of stout Earl Grey and nearby was her frayed bible laid open to the scripture she would study that morning. No matter what time of day it was, she always had her pearls on and her lips colored with the ruby pigment that she was known for. She was a true lady!

What better way to honor her, and God, than to continue her tradition with her teacups? And so, I did.

Each night before putting the children to bed and retiring myself, I would set my place on the table for my tea time with God the next morning. Sitting next to my Bible was a special teacup from the collection that was my favorite.

The teacup was a pastel mint green with beautiful pink roses handpainted around the cup as if the flowers were dancing on the vines. The rim of the cup was dipped in gold and seemed to give the teacup a regal elegance. The bottom of the cup had a slightly scalloped pedestal that was also dipped in gold. Along the side of the cup was a dainty thin handle that had a filigree design that had lines of gold thinly painted on each side. I loved this teacup!

Waking up the next morning, I slowly made my way into the kitchen to prepare the tea. Something laying on the floor next to the table caught my eye. It was pieces of my beloved teacup! It was broken. My heart sank. Looking around, I was unsure how it ended up in such a state. I cried as if I had lost my best friend.

It was time to get the children up and start another busy day. Once the rush of breakfast, packing lunches and rushing them out to catch the bus had passed, I sat down at the table glancing down at the broken teacup. It’s ironic how I feel the way the teacup looks; broken inside, tired, and weak.

Day after day after day, it’s the same hectic routine with no end in sight. Gathering the pieces of my dear little teacup, I laid the ruins in a pile on the table and went on about my day doing the endless laundry, paying bills, running errands, teacher meetings, and mowing the lawn.

I heard the laughter of my children as they came through the front door that afternoon. I asked them as they came romping into the kitchen what happened to my teacup. “It was an accident,” my littlest one told me. Apparently, the teacup was knocked off the table while he was up during the night for a glass of water and for fear of disturbing everyone, he left the pieces on the floor until the morning.

tea time with God

Sitting down at the table, I tried to glue the pieces of the broken teacup together and sat the ragged looking thing on the counter to dry. I went on to cook dinner and help with homework. Before I knew it, bedtime had arrived.

I went to set up my area for tea time in the morning and hesitated in grabbing a different teacup. I went over to look at my broken ragged little teacup. To my amazement, the little teacup’s pieces held together. I was full of joy!

To this day, I continue to use that very teacup for my tea time with God. It serves as a reminder that I am broken, but God continually mends and glues me back together so that I have purpose and strength to continue on each day!

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who

are crushed in spirit.”  Psalm 34:18

We Too Are Like Teacups

We are similar to a teacup. We are much more delicate and fragile than we appear and just as a teacup, we can break into many pieces from growing weak or tired. Do we see ourselves as being weak and on the verge of breaking?

The busy lives we lead as mothers, wives, volunteers, workers, and friends keep us so wound up that we fail to see that our bodies are tired, our minds are frazzled, and our spirit is unraveling. But most of all, our hearts need God. We forget to include God in our hectic lives.

We reach a point where we crumble and cry out to God, “Help me, Father! I am broken!

Is it time for you to sit down and have “Tea Time” with God each morning before you get your day started? Allow Him to glue your pieces together and to make you full of purpose again.

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