Thanksgiving Poems

How to Cultivate a Thankful Heart Always

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One thing the apostle Paul told the church in Colossae to devote themselves to is being thankful (Colossians 4:2).

Giving God thanks shows we appreciate everything he does for us. It helps us cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

We sometimes want to know God’s will in our lives.

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Well, one thing he wants us to do is to give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Not that all circumstances are pleasant, but thank God because he is at work in your life despite them and brings good out of the bad ones.

Being thankful helps shift your focus from your problems to God.

We are to thank God always for he is good (1 Chronicles 16:34). He doesn’t have to have done anything for us to thank him.

Thank him because he is God and is always good to you.  

Tell God how much you love the things he has done in our life.

For example, the relationships he has given you, the food you eat, his miracles in your life, great health, a sound mind among others.  

One of the biggest things you can thank God for is his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds in your life and that of others (Psalm 107:31).

He showed us his love by sending Jesus to die for our sins and because of this; we are free. This is reason enough to walk in awe of him.

Don’t forget to thank God in prayer. Say your prayers in thanksgiving to a God who answers your prayers.

Thanksgiving Poem 1

All this time and it’s now that I understand,
that every experience has led me to where I am. 

Instead of holding onto resentment,
I decide to rejoice,
to celebrate my shortcomings 
and the power of your voice.

I’m thankful for the wisdom,
that you’ve bestowed upon me.
I’m thankful for redemption
because now I’m free, 
free indeed.

Free from the prison of guilt and shame,
I lift my arms and to you I give praise.
For now, the doors are open,
and I choose to live a life with hope and purpose.

Thanksgiving Poem 2

Indebted to you,
my rescue, my savior. 
In you I find hope, 
grace and favor. 

You are the water
that quenches my thirst,
the healer that mends every soul wound that has ever emerged.

You are the reason of my joy,
because in you my life has meaning.
My life serves as an aid to others,
so, I’m obedient upon the call of leading.

Forever indebted to you,
my savior, Jesus Christ,
grateful that forever
in your love I’ll always reside.

Thanksgiving Poem 3

My heart has known 
both hurt and pain,
but I know that in you, Oh Lord,
nothing is ever in vain. 

I smile today,
not because of my earthly condition,
but rather it is a grateful heart that gleams,
at the knowledge of what will come into fruition. 

For every trial that is encountered is authorized by you,
that I may strengthened and sharpened,
to cut through the toughest strongholds,
to experience life changing breakthroughs.

I declare blessings upon my trials,
despite of the magnitude of their down pour.
I declare myself a conqueror in Christ,
and from the ashes of struggles I will rise and soar.

Thanksgiving Poem 4

In private I seek, 
for your presence to comfort me. 
I pray that you search my heart
and continue to cleanse me. 

Continue to renew,
My heart, mind, and soul,
removing my need for all the things this world has in store.

I desire to remain in you
and live a life according to your will,
that your purpose for me,
I may fulfill. 

I worship you because in and all seasons of my life
you held my hand through every blow I’ve withstood.
and every troubled situation meant to harm me,
you’ve turned around for my good.

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