The Bedroom: A Place Of Safety, Rest and Beauty

The Bedroom

When a husband and wife have a Christ-centered marriage, their home is reflective of God’s presence in their lives. A bedroom is a place that should be a safe haven for couples to share in the blessings that God intended within a marriage.

A Portrait Of A Godly Bedroom

The delicate relationship between husband and wife centers around coming together in the context of what God designed a marriage to be. The confines of the bedroom should always be safe, respectful, and built on a Godly foundation.

There is nothing more detrimental to a marriage if one feels forced, uncomfortable, or unloved at any time. Just as we strive to be stewards to our family, we should do so as well towards our husband or wife putting the other before ourselves.

Scripture provides the beauty of God’s blessings that are found within the bedroom. Solomon’s Song Of Songs gives a detailed glimpse into the exquisite poetry of the union between man and wife and instruction on the boundaries God put in place.

Promises That Apply To A Bedroom

  • Make romance and affection a priority.
  • Create an environment that cultivates acceptance.
  • Use words that touch the heart through hearing them. Women especially need to hear their husbands utter loving thoughts.
  • Unlock the door of your husband’s heart with your beauty and attraction. Sweatpants, flannel gowns or ugg slippers don’t apply.
  • Let this room be a place of anticipation.
  • Don’t assume your husband or wife understands your intentions. 
  • Compliment your husband or wife on things that are pleasing or attractive.
  • Keep a sense of humor and don’t be afraid to laugh.
  • Remember to cherish each other’s physical bodies as they are temples of God.

Decor For Your Peaceful Sanctuary

Imagine opening the door to your bedroom. What do you see? Does it bring you peace or stress? If your bedroom does not exude calm and relaxation, it’s time to rethink things. 

The Essentials Of A Bedroom

  • The area should be neat and tidy. 

Dirty clothes and things lying about prevents you from relaxing and going to sleep at night. Strive to make your bed each morning. The sense of accomplishment each morning is a positive way to start your day! Tidy up each night before going to bed.

  • You should have a nice plush bed to lay a tired body on each night. 

Linens should be soft and non-constricting. If you stand back and look at your bed, is it begging you to run and jump on it just for its shear appearance of resembling a marshmallow? If it does, then you are on the right track!

  • Fill the area with smells that are subtle and pleasant.

Pleasant aromas in the room with scents that are not overpowering are ideal for relaxation. Back in the day, many bedrooms always had fresh-cut roses near the beds. This was not for presentation, but for the senses to indulge in when resting. 

Close your eyes and imagine drifting off to sleep in soft clouds. Create those clouds by soft rugs, soft bedding, soft pillows, soft music, and soft lighting.

Dedicate Your Bedroom

A marriage and the bedroom should be dedicated to God to discover the love between husband and wife to its fullest. Just as the poetry played out in Solomon’s Songs, allow it to blossom in your own marriage.

Don’t forego a conducive environment for rest and relaxation. Soft and soothing is what a tired body needs at the end of a hectic day.

Your bedroom is the nerve center for your marriage, your body, and your spirit. Make it your sanctuary!

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