The Blessings Of Simple Things

God Is Present In All Things

The Blessings Of Simple Things

I find that I am drawn towards finding awe and beauty in simple things that go unnoticed to many. It is in these simple things that I find a blessing because it has God’s name written all over it. Most people these days live their lives in “warp speed” and fail to slow down long enough to find God’s presence that is all around us.

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a little leaf

A Little Leaf

It was a cold winter morning with several feet of snow on the ground outside. In my usual fashion, I got up and got ready for work. Heading out the door with coffee in hand, I maneuver my way across the slippery walkway to my car. As I was walking, I looked down to find a small leaf that had been blown across the snow. Its path had carved a perfect heart in the snow. I stood there in amazement gazing at what this little leaf had done. I thought to myself, “Wow, God is wonderful!” I quickly said aloud, “I love you, God! Thank you so much!”

Getting to work, I excitedly shared my finding with my coworkers who happened to be unbelievers. They just looked at me with blank stares wondering why I had shared that with them. They were unable to share the same joy that I had from seeing that leaf.

Living Life Looking Down

I am saddened by the number of people that are constantly looking down engaged in some device and rarely do they look up to admire the beauty that surrounds them. They are unaware that life is passing them by and they are missing out on blessings that are everywhere.

I want to shake them and say, “Hey, look up, look around, see the beauty that God has created!”

As I walk by these people looking down at their devices, I gaze directly at their face thinking to myself, “If they look up, I will smile real big at them and bless them.” But they never look up.

Simple and Beautiful

If I were to define the simple things in life that I receive continuous blessings from it would be a host of things. A daisy standing alone in a patch of dirt on the side of a road or perhaps the scent of a rose which I always love closing my eyes to smell.

The giggles and laughter of children or the touch of my dog’s soft, warm fur. Often I will gaze up at the sky to see airplanes disappearing into the clouds or a bird soaring in circles high above. At night, I love to go out and look at the stars glistening like diamonds.

For the simple things cannot be bought and you can’t hit the rewind button to bring back what you missed. These simple blessings are in the here and now so don’t miss them.

If you look up every now and then, you will be blessed by the simple things that God puts before your very eyes.

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