The Christian Woman In Ministry

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The Christian Woman In Ministry

The role of the Christian woman in ministry has often been a topic of debate.

Through the ages there has been much conflict and conversation regarding whether or not it is appropriate for women to minister in Christianity.

On a general note, most denominations of the faith believe that there is nothing in the Bible to say that women should not become ministers and most agree that it is a noble calling.

However, there are some crucial points of debate that arise even with those who agree with the intrinsic role of the Christian woman in ministry.

Let us take a look at some sources of contention.

The first and foremost point of argument in those church denominations that raise the question of appropriateness regarding women in ministry is a basic one: whether it is right for women to minister at all, to begin with.

This question challenges the basic practices of women ministers being allowed to teach at all.

For those who believe that yes, a woman can become a minister, the follow-up question is whether female ministers should be allowed to teach both men and women or whether their sessions should be limited only to the latter.

The next question that arises is regarding whether or not women should hold positions of authority in the ministry.

For those who answer affirmatively to the above question there is another question regarding the extent of authority that should be credited to women.

In other words, this is regarding the different positions and hierarchy that women in the ministry can command it basically brings us to the most important point of contention of all:

Whether a Christian woman in ministry can become the leading authority of the congregation.

The traditional point of view is that women and men should enjoy the same importance and respect in life but women are deemed secondary to their husbands and should not hold office in the church or practice any leadership or authority over men in the ministry.

This belief is proposed by most Roman Catholic churches and Conservative Evangelical churches.

A more liberal view has emerged under the egalitarian school of thought that proposes that women and men are equal in all fractions of life, ranging from the home to the church and as such, women can and should hold positions of authority and respect at par with men.

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