The Closet

Closets come in all sizes and shapes. Some even have features that are unfathomable to most of us. Most use a closet regardless of how big or little they are to store clothes, shoes, and accessories in. Perhaps a few boxes of sentimental items are placed lovingly on a top shelf as well.

Closet Talk

If clothes could only talk, can you imagine the conversations a Sunday dress would have with a pair of sneakers?

The sneakers tell their story of strolling along a beach on a warm afternoon. “The sand was like velvet upon my soles and soothing to feel,” they add.A fantastic sermon was given at church,” said the Sunday dress, “The Lord’s presence in the place was wrapped tightly around each church member.”

Chiming in from the bottom of the closet, the shiny pumps goes on to tell, “Sunday lunch was delicious. The mile-high meringue pie at the diner was to die for!

It would be something if we heard full conversations going on in our closet amongst our clothes! Although our wardrobe lacks these verbal powers, they do convey messages in many ways.

The Health Of A Closet

As Christians, we should strive to glorify God in our appearance and how we dress. Our clothing should be modest, functional, and fun. Everything we wear is reflective of our personality, and it’s great to be creative and enjoy what we have been blessed with.

An unhealthy closet may contain an overabundance of clothing, some still hanging with price tags still attached. This is generally an indication of materialism, and this is not in line with how God wants us to live. Clothing items that may be compromising for a daughter of the King to wear should be given their “traveling papers” and discarded.

If piles of clothing are strewn about on the closet floor or stuffed into shelves, are we glorifying God by treating our things so poorly? A healthy closet should be neat and tidy with items hung up, folded and neatly placed.

Every item that goes into the closet should be well cared for and not taken for granted because those things are just a part of the blessings God showers us with. That beautiful sequined dress that hangs in the back behind the frayed blue jeans or the simple leather belt on the hook are all equally important and should be lovingly treated.

The Thankful Closet

Take pride in your closet and the items in it. Practicing the art of gratefulness within the confines of a simple space like a closet puts a smile on God and in your heart!

A closet is so much more than storage space in a home. It is a mirror of our attitude towards our blessings and our walk with God.

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