The Entertainment Room

A Fun Place To Gather

It’s family movie night! Everyone gathers in this special room of the house to enjoy a good wholesome movie. The smell of popcorn popping over in the wet bar fills the air as the kids drag pillows and blankets in settling into the big fluffy sofas. It’s just like going to the movies except you are in the comfort of your home.

Fun and fellowship fill this special room of the house. Family and friends gather here to enjoy leisurely times of gaming, viewing movies and tv, and play. In the corner of the room is a crafting nook where beautiful handmade projects come to life.

Along one wall sits the little one’s toys and pretend-play stations. While mom enjoys working on her crafts, the laughter of playtime fills the room as toy cars go ‘vroom’ and dolls get a cuddle or two.

This room is set apart from the rest of the house to contain the rambunctiousness excitement of a good game of foosball or the surround sound of an intense movie. Having a separate entertainment area keeps the peace and quiet over the other areas of the home.

“There is nothing better for a person that he should...find enjoyment in his toil.” Ecclesiastes 2:24

Your Family Entertainment Space

For some families, their living area functions as a dual entertainment/living room. However, some homes are large enough to accommodate a dedicated space for watching movies, working on crafts, playing, and gaming.

This area of your home should be a place of safe fellowship with family and friends. In this room, we honor God in the media we select. He is present with us sharing in our time of leisure.

What does an entertainment room typically have?

  • Seating that is ultra-comfortable and spacious for everyone to enjoy.
  • A large screen or TV with a home theater sound system.
  • An area off to the side (some call it a wet bar) where beverages are available, and snacks are kept.
  • For those with small children, an area with toys for them to play with.
  • Craft area to enjoy crafting or sewing.
  • Gaming equipment; foosball, pool, pinball, ping pong, etc.
  • Fun things; popcorn machine, jukebox, gumball machine, piano, drums.
  • A table with chairs for playing cards or board games on.
  • Low-lighting; lamps, ambient lighting, etc.
  • Keep a Bible visible and handy in the event an unbeliever visits and the opportunity to witness to them presents itself.

Where the fun happens!

Your entertainment room is a happy place within the home. Make it a fun and wholesome area to enjoy the company of others. Personalize it to reflect your family values while making it inviting, warm, and welcoming for those outside of your home.

God delights in the pleasures we find to fill our leisure times as long as it honors Him, ourselves, and our family.

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