The Garden

A Place for The Senses!

How does one describe the outdoor space the surrounds the home? The garden is a combination of the she-shed, man-cave, study, and bedroom for our senses. The smells, sights, peace, and relaxing solitude that we crave are all present in nature that God creates.

Plants, flowers, lush green grass, sun, and a breeze are things that the Almighty Father put in the Garden of Eden. He created a paradise for Adam and Eve with attention to detail to meet not only their basic needs but to provide them a place to indulge the very senses he created them with.

As humans, we have a connection to simple things like grass, plants, dirt, and nature.

A Garden Is…

  • A place to plant vegetables, flowers, and plants of all kinds.
  • A place to create an outdoor living area in.
  • A place to enjoy the birds, squirrels, and other animals that visit.
  • A place to relax and meditate in prayer.
  • A place to find a hobby to enjoy such as painting, reading, building things, bird-watching, horticulture, water gardening, fish ponds, etc.
  • A place to spend with your family and friends with cookouts, backyard camping, movie night, fireside devotional, and more.

Take Your Shoes Off…

Let’s go out into the yard but before we do, let’s take our shoes off. The stones on the patio are cold as our feet walk across them. Reaching the thick carpet of grass, we place each foot slowly in front of the other as we feel the soft chill of the blades of grass tickle us in between our toes.

We will check on our herb garden that is over to the right side of the yard. As you reach down to smell the dill weed, the strong scent of pickles fills your nose. Who can resist pinching off a few sprigs of rosemary and rubbing them in between the hands? The aroma is strong and piney.

You notice the lush roses over in front of the she-shed. You meander over to look at them. As you approach them, the cashmere-like fragrance slowly touches the tip of your nose. It is too hard to resist cupping one of the large blooms in your hand as you take in the perfume of this elegant flower.

Just to the side of the she-shed sits a small vegetable garden that captures your eye. You think to yourself as you see a ripe red tomato, how you would love to pick it and make a cold tomato sandwich! The green beans dangle above the heads of butter lettuce. Droplets of water dance upon the leaves of the lettuce.

As you turn to walk away, something scurries across your path, causing your stomach to jump. Hiding under the squash leaves is a tiny furry bunny. It must have visited to enjoy a carrot or two.

As you round the corner of the she-shed, a lovely surprise of fresh squeezed lemonade and cold-sliced tomato and mozzarella bruschetta awaits you. Stepping into the shed-she, you settle into the soft chair.

We enjoy our snack while listening to the cardinals, blue jays, and robins in the trees. The doors of the shed are wide open. A soft warm breeze flows across our faces as if God reached down to touch our cheeks.

God’s abundant beauty of nature surrounds us. What a blessing!

Let’s get ‘gardening!’

We will cover garden-related things in this part of the home. Everything from planting and developing a green thumb to how you can create a beautiful outdoor living area.

  • Articles, tips, and ideas on gardening, outdoor living, and backyard recreation.
  • Entertaining outdoors
  • Bird-Watching
  • Pests and the ‘not-so-good’ invaders such as snakes, toxic plants, and insects.
  • Pets and the backyard
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